Positive Thinking?

“Positive thinking is the ultimate way to distract and disconnect ourselves from our perceived flaws, imperfections, quirks, uniquenesses, the secret darkness that we try so hard to hide. We strive to cover up the ‘bad’ aspects of our experience without actually dealing with them, facing them, embracing them, healing them, loving them. We stop seeing the beauty, and perhaps even the awesome potential, in the ‘negativity’. Reject half of life, and we will surely always feel incomplete.

The ‘negative’ is just the aspect of ourselves in desperate need of love, not neglect or more suffocation. We may feel better temporarily by distracting ourselves from the ‘negative’, but there are no true external sources of happiness.” ~Jeff Foster

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  1. Nicole Boyle says:

    Hmm. We must be careful with this. We must do those steps and not just be focused on those dark things. We have to always keep a part of us focused on the good, pure, love, God , appreciation, things in our life, too. I balance is always needed. But I believe we will all be at a point one day where we will not have to deal with the darkness so much. I do not believe in the spiritual realm we will have to deal with healing ourselves. I sure hope not.

    • Thanks for the comment Nicole! Our view on darkness is that each person has a shadow side that is dark because it has been ignored, suppressed, and covered up for so long, oftentimes the suppression is multi generational. Understanding the darkness within is akin to shining a flashlight of truth on the areas that are hidden, to make them known, and thus no longer a shadow. After it has become illuminated, it cannot slide back into the darkness again, it is healed, restored, and One within us. The light that is being shined on our internal darkness is the good, pure, love, God, and appreciation…this causes the love to spread even further within us, to the darkest corners, and the innermost recesses of our being…we become love even more with shadow work.

      Positive thinking can be a seductive trap that keeps us from embracing all of ourselves; it can keep us from God, rather than bringing us closer to God. For us, positive thinking is the byproduct of shining the light on our inner darkness, but for many though, it is a way to avoid confronting the shadow within. Did this clarify a bit for you?