Permaculture, Free Energy, and the Divine Marriage

self-sustaining-torsion-patternPermaculture is gardening by utilizing the natural systems and cycles within nature, which allows for self-sustaining lifestyle, and more importantly, a connection to nature.  By connecting to nature, we are able to observe how it perpetuates itself without human intervention, and by extension, we can see how a life connected to these natural systems, from our water usage, energy production and consumption, and even romantic and communal relationships, can operate in a natural way.

For example, our soil is meant to have boundaries that protect it from the elements and disease, and allow it to thrive as a living organism, however, traditional monoculture and organic farming have removed the earth’s skin and natural protection, which causes the crops to grow off of the deceased organisms in the soil rather than the living organisms in the soil.  Growing food from death is entropic, while growing food from life is expansive; the same is true within our relationships.  Many of our human relationships currently thrive upon death and feeding upon others, rather than upon having clear and protective boundaries that define ourselves, each other, and our relationships.  These boundaries promote life and expansive relationships, whereas removal of our protective boundaries, much like removal of our skin from protecting our muscles, causes disease, famine, and decay.

There are three different types of farming, three different types of electricity generation, and three different types of relationships.  Whereas type one is further from nature, type three is closer and aligned with nature; it is a spectrum of unnatural to natural.

  1. Unnatural = Monoculture farming = resource dependent energy generation = codependent/vampiric relationships.
  2. Less unnatural and more natural = Organic farming = renewable sources of energy such as wind/solar/hydro = spiritually centered relationships with a small energetic footprint on others.
  3. Aligned with nature = Permaculture = free energy, also known as over-unity or lossless energy, where the amount of energy required to generate more energy is less than what it costs to create it in the first place = the Divine Marriage of Unity Consciousness and the ability to create and co-create as gods.

The Divine Pollination Hive seeks to allow each individual the safe space needed to develop into a nature aligned being, and nothing is better at this than allowing for people to learn from nature first hand by permaculture gardening.

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