Parent / Child Relating Between the Feminine & Masculine

mom playing with toddler sonI trust my feminine to give the understanding that is necessary in a situation but I do not trust my masculine to act flawlessly whenever action is asked.

In most parent child relationships, the parents are seen as flawless and all knowing, while the children are seen as clumsy and unpracticed when it comes to their actions and their understanding.  This view of children creates a pattern in the body where the child (masculine) feels inferior with his gift to his superior parent (feminine), who is giving him her insights. In reality though, the feminine adviser is not usually pure in parents, and that is what makes the masculine in children not able to act flawlessly. It is a reversed way of looking at things that makes it impossible to transform.

When the feminine starts being more pure then the insights and understandings that she gifts to her masculine, he will have the ability to also grow in his gift, which is actions/manifestations.  He must see that he is not the only one who needed to use his gift with purity, and he must transform his feelings of inferiority, as well as his limiting belief that he has to ‘learn’ how to act and be a good masculine. Just as the feminine needs to wake up to her real ‘inside-out’ gifts, the masculine needs to do the same with his.

When the masculine acknowledges that he has this gift already, and that it doesn’t need to be taught to him by his hovering feminine, or by a superior masculine, he will embrace who he truly is and stand in his power of manifestation.




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