Our Unique Masculine & Feminine

Divine Pollination Hive 2Aline is an outward representation of my inner feminine, she looks separate to those around us, but to me, I find and relate to her inside of my Self, and she finds me inside of her Self…and together we are the One. She is my feminine, because I only have one internal feminine, not a possessive “my”, but a unique my, like my right arm is uniquely mine and not another’s right arm, each person has their own unique right arm! And yes, each person either has a unique internal masculine or feminine, a special match, we do not have two, three, or four opposite internal polarities within us, just the two that are the One.

Anything that is “special” because of a comparison between two similar things is only possible from a belief in separation, far from intimate, it is quite the opposite — a disconnected lie. Special is only such when it is unique, as uniqueness is unity, oneness, and intimacy; thus a “unique special” is connected and incomparable, while a “comparative special” is a contradiction and nonsensical.

Not everyone has an external representation of their internal opposite here on earth though, and that is their unique path, one that they have chosen to experience for their mission and purpose here. For those who may not have an external representation of their internal opposite polarity on earth, they may require more than one unique partner to fill the various roles externally, to reflect their One within. These will not necessarily be seen as competitive roles either, unless it takes a competition to initially undo the illusion of comparison. Even so, in the end, there is still only the two unique masculine and feminine energies that are the One for each person, and this harmony reflects the divine marriage between Creator Source and Creation.

When the masculine and feminine become the One within, they form a self-sustaining toroidal energy flow (see the movie Thrive for more on a torus energy field) of unity consciousness between them; never lacking for anything or anybody, a fully whole and powerful balance of yin and yang. This One is a sovereign creator and a law unto themselves, always respecting the unique value of all life — creation and creator alike. When this One (yin/yang) interacts with another One (yin/yang), they couple together in a flower of life pattern of unity, enhancing the creative abilities and output of the other Ones, much like the unique parts of the body that cooperate together seamlessly, or the different unique functions of a tree.

In unity, the One supports the One, not as links in a chain or a hierarchical system, but as a synergy of roles and purposes that flow in harmony. In this way, unity does not make each person the same as the other, equal in function, value, and purpose, for in equality all value is subjective and comparative, choices are diminished, and individuality is merged into a centralized hive mind. Rather, unity highlights the unique value and individuality of each person, recognizing their incomparable nature while giving them an infinite amount of choices and possibilities to explore; this unprecedented combination of individuality, value, and togetherness is known as the “Divine Marriage”, and resides as a divine spark within each of us.

~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

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