Only One Path?

Do all paths lead to the same place?  Or is there more than one path, and do they lead to different places?  Solipsism, the belief that “all paths lead to the same place”, is a dangerous notion that has infiltrated the New Age movement, and polluted modern spirituality; it allows parasitic evil to spread without much resistance, while people spiritual bypass with their “love and light”, and a glossed over blank stare.  One of the biggest fallacies of solipsism is that it presents a reality that may be true in the broadest sense, but not one that is true in our current reality; for without a bridge to cross from here to there, it remains constantly out of reach and blocks people from rediscovering their true personal power.  At least from our perspective though, not all paths lead to the same place, but all do have freewill; there are those that continually violate it, there are those that respect it, and of course, there are those in between as well.

The Four Soul CategoriesAs Gnostics who came to Gnosticism through inner process work, and not through a study of it, we do see a definite parasitic evil in the world (psychopathic/evil neutral), we also see a dark path, a light path, and finally a true neutral path; these four paths are also soul categories, and most people, ET races, and multi-dimensional beings can fit into any of these main four groups. The light and the dark do not see anything but light and dark, they are incapable of perceiving true neutral or neutral evil because they are too caught up in their own good vs bad, light vs darkness games; they perceive all through their wounds of separation. The bigger picture is found in the two neutral categories, those who manipulate the dark and the light in the neutral evil path, and those who integrate the dark and the light in the true neutral path. CG Jung, Philip K Dick, Mark Passio, and most Gnostic understanding falls into the true neutral path, that of integrating the shadow side within, to become impervious to the manipulations and blind spots of the other three categories.

When a certain being or group of beings continually violate the freewill of another being / group, or at least attempt to, there will be karmic consequences, but because of duality, these consequences can usually be delayed, unless they are messing with a being who has aligned themselves partially or fully with the Natural Law of the universe, also known as universal law.  Attempting to set boundaries without first being aligned with natural law is a workaround, and puts a being in the position of violating freewill in order to protect their own freewill; this too is a lie.   Any action that is done without having first aligned with universal law will result in a freewill violation; those who attempt to mess with the freewill of an aligned individual will experience what we call “instant karma”.   To an extent though, even the parasites respect freewill, as many beings who are here allow themselves to be in the position to be harmed by their unconscious beliefs and patterns of relating; and remaining unconscious of these detrimental patterns is recognized as consent to be manipulated, fed upon, enslaved, or even killed.

Tom, at the Gnostic site, has this tidbit to say about freewill in his Email Q&A page:

If you have spiritual protection, a Reptilian can’t just jump you while you’re hiking in the woods and eat you, because no way is that your choice. However, if two years earlier the Reptilian puts a thought in your head that you are inferior, and you choose to accept… and over the coming weeks you accept more and more of these suggestions… then get terribly depressed… let your life fall apart… get into drinking… choose to tolerate the wrong friends and get into drugs… get involved in crime hook up with Satanists… give away your soul in a ritual… and then weakened by drugs and ritual you go for a hike… then the Reptilian can kill you easily. Not because you agreed to getting killed in that moment, but because your little choices have all added up to an equivalent form of it.

… If God snapped his fingers and all evil went poof, you’d have peace on Earth but it would be a peace amongst naive children, as was illustrated in the Adam and Eve myth. That’s a regression, not an evolution. We’re meant to move forward to have “knowledge of good and evil” (discernment) and that can only be through immunization via exposure, and upon accomplishing that we can “eat from the tree of life” and move into the “Kingdom of Heaven.”  Some say since evil has a purpose we should not resist it, but that’s a total backward fallacy. Evil serves a purpose, which is to be challenged and overcome and thereby learned from.

Carl Jung’s shadow work, anima/animus process, and the overall individuation process (the process of becoming a unique individual apart from the collective consciousness), is the process of aligning the Self with universal law; this creates the being state of true neutrality. The path of individuation is also known as the “Third Way”, whereas the darkness is the “Left Hand Path”, and the light is the “Right Hand Path”. Neutral evil beings are parasites and have no place in our universe, they are here to usurp our Prime Creator and steal his/her creation from him/her. Many dark and light beings have aligned themselves with the parasites, and while this is their right in a freewill universe, there will come a time when there will be no more ability for them to feed on other beings, since there will no longer be any dark or light beings left, for the remaining beings will have finally reintegrated themselves back into true neutrality.  Those who have done their inner integrative process work are able to operate freely and in the open without the fear of harm for their lives, because they understand this principle of freewill, and have removed their consent from the domination game through revoking many of the unconscious agreements, soul contracts, limiting beliefs, and behavioral patterns that made them susceptible to harm in the first place.

It is our job to transcend ourselves off of the parasite’s dinner plate, by utilizing our freewill to integrate our dark and light sides into One, which will push them off of our planet and out of our universe.  This segregation between the true neutral and evil neutral is the separation of the living from the dead, between those who have the capacity for self-sustaining experiences and those who are only able to consume others as if they were a fossil fuel and a non renewable resource.



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