One Body

we-are-all-oneFrom our experiences, the one size fits all unity is mired in sameness, enmeshment, and is parasitic in nature; I am not entitled to anybody else’s energy, body, or space, and they are not entitled to mine–unity is not about quantity, nor is it about enmeshing as one, but about uniqueness and individuality. Would a foot interact and connect with the knee, eyes, and hair as it would interact with the ankle and toes? Would an elbow interact and connect with a leg, neck, or ears as it would with the forearm or upper arm? It’s not logical that they would, as each body part has a unique function and place within the overall body system, and only fits together perfectly with the parts and places that they were designed and destined to fit. While we are One at our core (Source), we are boundaried and individual at our exterior; this is qualitative and multi-dimensional, rather than quantitative and linear.

We have addressed this in several quotes and articles, and it will also be central to our upcoming book:

“We are not all equal, we are all unique, and we fit together as unique puzzle pieces when the pieces match; for not all puzzle pieces fit together equally.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Awakening is the complete understanding of a person’s unique role within the mosaic of the greater whole, it is a total surrender to fulfill their special function in support of the One — for in unity, the One supports the One.” ~Nathan & Aline



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