Nature, Nurture, and Our Three Minds

Is it nature or nurture that contributes most to who we are when we grow up?  Let’s explore this debate from a unity consciousness perspective…

“Nature versus nurture” is a psychology term related to whether heredity or the environment most impacts human psychological development (behavior, habits, intelligence, personality, sexuality, aggressive tendencies, and so on).~Google

This is typical dualistic thinking, where an either/or option is presented, however, in reality it is actually nature AND nurture that is in play. Nature is our subconscious mind, which comes from our genetic bloodlines, while nurture is our unconscious mind, which is programmed into us prior to the age of eight, while our brain is still predominately in an alpha brainwave state. Our bloodlines carries each subsequent generation’s unconscious minds within it, making it a compounding effect over time.

Our conscious mind finishes off our personal trinity of three minds, but it is outgunned and out-muscled by the sheer weight of our genetic lineage, and the unconscious control structures that nurtured us after we were born. Our conscious mind is relegated to being a slave of the other two minds, thus preventing our true Self from shining through in our every day life, making us little more than robots repeating the subroutines found within our subconscious and unconscious minds.

The Tree & the Three MindsA tree is a great metaphor for our three minds, where the subconscious mind represents the roots that ground a person into the earth, which provides nourishment from the soil and to the individual; it represents their ancestors, traditions, covenants, and other beliefs, limiting or otherwise.  The unconscious mind is the tree trunk that receives the support from the earth, but unlike the roots, it is perceivable with the eye; it supports the branches and leaves, and represents all the nurture, positive or negative, that was received in the early years.  The trunk represents the underlying messages that each experience conveyed about a person’s self-worth and value while they were still young; beliefs that repeat like programs for the rest of their lives.

Lastly, the branches and leaves are the conscious mind, which are able to soak up the sunlight through photosynthesis, transmute carbon dioxide into oxygen, provides shade and protection for nature’s creatures, and reaches high into the sky.   They represent the ability to see patterns, transmute them, and make choices from freewill, and they are also reflective of the trees visible beauty, as well as the tree’s individuality and uniqueness from the other trees.

It is our job as humans to declutter and uninstall all of the subconscious and unconscious baggage that we were born into, and then accumulated throughout our lives, to make their contents conscious again.  However, the externalized factors of nature and nurture contribute to how we identify ourselves, and we become attached to our programmed identity, as well as our grounding, which may cause us to resist the process of making them both conscious.  After doing this, we restore mastery back to our conscious mind – and thus to consciousness. We are meant to be conscious individuals, and not pre-programmed drones serving external masters.

Once fully uninstalled, where we’ve made both the subconscious and unconscious conscious, there will no longer be a discussion between nature OR nurture, or even nature AND nurture, as it will be irrelevant – being conscious will be all there is for us in our experience as individuated beings.  To be fully conscious, through the unification of our three minds, is how we understand and perceive “unity consciousness”; it is being consciously grounded into nature, consciously nurturing and nurtured, and consciously reaching for the heavens, while soaking in our sun’s glory.

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