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When I say that Aline is “my” partner, I do not do so from a possessive “my”, since she is not my property or object, but I say “my” as in “my arm”, “my leg”, “my body”, as this denotes a type of intimacy and unity between us. I do not own my arm, but I am connected and One with my arm, and the same is true in my partnership with Aline – she is my partner, we are intimately connected, and we are One. ~Nathan (& Aline)

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Further Reflections on this subject:

Comment: Interesting concept. While I do agree that you can never own another, I do feel that I own my body. It is mine to do with whatever I wish, as long as I’m not imposing myself on another.

Our Response: Our “my” is based on our unique connection, which is the main point we were trying to make. In unity, possessiveness doesn’t exist, so even though you have responsibility over your body, you still do not own it. Objectification is purely a dualistic concept.

Comment: Yes, sounds more fair to say one is responsible for this body than that one is owning it. And no one else could impose their responsibility over my body. In a way, since all is one nothing could be owned, since the concept of ownership implies separation.

Our Response: Bingo!



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