My Dad’s First Orgonite Pour

My dad poured his first batch of orgonite tower busters (TB’s) the other day, using BB’s, pot scrubbers, and crystals ($24) he purchased from a rock shop in town. He picked up the polyester resin ($35 gallon), muffin tins ($10 each), BB’s ($10), and pot scrubbers ($4) from Walmart. If you buy your quartz crystals from an online shop, such as eBay or Etsy, you may find better prices.


Step 1: Setup


Metal Swarf: cut up pot scrubbers (left) and scrap metal from a machine shop (right).


Step 2: grease pan & fill up halfway with metal swarf.


Step 3: Add crystals, 1 or 2 depending on their size; in this case, two small 3 cm quartz crystals.


Step 4: Add metal on top of the crystals; in this case, steel BB’s; don’t make BB’s the primary source of metal, they are heavy and don’t test out high with an ion air meter, but they can be a good auxiliary source of metal.


Step 5: Mix polyester resin (900 ml for 12 TB’s, or 450 ml for 24 mini TB’s) with the hardening catalyst, and pour into the molds. For safety, pour in a well ventilated space, preferably outside, or wear a respirator. Also use safety gloves and protective equipment to ensure you do not get the resin on your skin. I am sure this goes without saying, but please do NOT reuse the muffin pan or the mixing cup for food after using them for a batch of orgonite!!!


Step 6: Allow to harden, which depends on the temperature where it is being poured, and the amount of catalyst mixed into the resin. 1-2 hours.

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  1. Fat Albert says:

    Hey Hey Hey. Orgonite is a powerful tool. It seems absurd, but it actually does work.

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    That’s Bill. If you ever want to have the DIS-privilege of meeting “Mr. Mean”, all you have to do is hand Bill a piece of orgonite!! He will get extremely angry!!!
    And besides that, Bill knows not to show his face around here. Nuff said.