Morality, Duality, Purity, and Unity

sacred-geometry-and-chakras-duality-to-unityHere is a new pattern that we discovered that demonstrates how the chakra system and the poles relate…that there are two different combination of root/heart poles, one dualistic and one in unity. This first graphic is the duality version, where the heart pole is the top four chakras, and the root pole is the bottom two chakras, with the third chakra controlling everything—this is known as the ego. In the second graphic to the right is a unity based individual, who is making choices from their heart and not their third chakra; they are in perfect balance and harmony, with three chakras up and three down, with their heart connecting the two poles in the middle making the decisions.

Now imagine that there are individuals that are making some choices from their heart chakra and others from their third chakra (ego), making them a hybrid between duality and unity. How difficult do you think it would be to be successful with the heart making some choices while the ego is making the others? VERY DIFFICULT, this hybrid phase is much like a caterpillar going into a cocoon to transform, a very high amount of energy is depleted in the transformation process from duality to unity, because there are two masters to contend with – the heart and ego! However, once a person leaves duality completely, they ONLY have the heart chakra managing both poles, and they will be a VERY POWERFUL and successful unity being.

7 chakras-duality-to-unity-hybrid-beingMORALITY
Based on this understanding of the chakra system, the heart and root poles, and duality/unity consciousness, let’s look at the concept of morality. There is some confusion as to the need for morality, good, bad, right, and wrong, furthermore, laws add more to the already muddied mess. Instead of good and bad though, we prefer to see actions as either pure or impure, and the irony is, actions can only become pure through allowing a person to witness, not suppress, their impure actions; this allows for the purification process, which is transforming the motivation underlying the actions. Actions are pure when the motivation is from the heart chakra, and they are impure when they are motivated from the third chakra; it is each individual’s task to discern their motivations by asking “why” questions of themselves, to witness the mirrors in their life, and to then purify their creative intentions with understanding.

It was never intended for the third chakra to govern the intent of actions, which is “why” making decisions from there is known as “being in ego”. These ego decisions are motivated by a lack of completion, approval, or security (the fear of disapproval & punishment), depending on the family, culture, and other variables unique to each person. Actions motivated from a strong “why” discernment from the heart chakra are pure because they are full of understanding (and understanding is connection, intimacy, uniqueness, and oneness), and thus they will not seek to rearrange resources, taking a piece from here to put there, to fill a personal void or lack.

The core lack isn’t of a resource though, it is the connection to the resource that is missing, the connection to heart centered love, and to regain this, the pattern of relating must be changed from connecting through the third chakra (ego) to connecting through the heart chakra – the patterns and source of relating must shift, which will automatically change their corresponding actions. The transition from the duality moral system of laws and regulations requires a firm commitment by an individual or couple to seek understanding of their motivations, through the process of asking “why”. Without emotional integration of each dualistic motivation and trigger, such as fear, anger, sadness, etc., which is the process of transformation, it is impossible to cross the bridge from duality to unity.

Additionally, it is important to avoid the trap of compromise, as it derails the integration process, however, it isn’t always necessary to manifest a course of action that is impure either, a person or couple can go into their feelings about a course of action to feel into it, in an attempt to understand their motivations.  This causes maximum understanding in relationship to the amount of damage a particular course of action can actually cause if manifested.

Neither man nor woman should ever compromise their feelings and needs in a relationship, but instead seek to understand them fully, which matures them.  There comes a point when both partners can then live their new mature truth 100% without compromise, and in full unity together. ~Nathan & Aline

Asking “why” and seeking to understand will slow down momentum of manifestation, but only for an impure course of action. This is “how” the “why” brings purity, and it is “why” we always seek to understand our unconscious motivations; wisdom (how) without understanding (why) feels lacking to us.  Some pure methods to assist in seeking understanding is Carl Jung’s shadow work, anima/animas work, and his overall individuation process; which we practice and model in the Hive. Use them to find the mirrors that life is reflecting to you, that demonstrate your limiting beliefs and feelings that cry out for integration.  We also use EFT meridian tapping in our Self-purification process, as an additional pure “how” to integrate our understanding.

The bridge to unity is almost complete, and if a person desires to transform their patterns and beliefs, they will become a full fledged Unity Butterfly and cross over, but freewill remains; there is a choice in each moment to transform or stay. On the other side is a life of absolute sovereignty, peace, joy, and personal power, where a life of creativity and miracles are the norm, while in duality there remains the dog eat dog world of hierarchy, domination, struggle, competition, and limited resources. This journey demands that you become intimate with your pain to transform it, and heaven on earth awaits you if you choose to go into your cocoon to complete your metamorphosis. What will you decide?

~Nathan & Aline



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  1. Nicole Boyle says:

    This reminded me, the drawings did, of Andrew Wommack’s drawing of our 3 part being, spirit, soul, and body. The one on the front of his book is not to scale. Then I remembered how our spirit is in our belly. So I got to thinking about the chakras that are around the belly. And then you understand the old saying, “listen to your gut”…which would be your spirit of course. With all that rambling aside, I am reminded of testimonies I have heard from people who have gotten totally released from all the pains and issues they have had by God. They just asked and received. I know that everyone has a limit they put on God….you get what you believe. But couldn’t we just ask for all of the wonderful things you are sharing on here? Sure some people may need to go through the preparation and need to do the work. But maybe some do not and can just receive the blessings? Just some thoughts. I guess after spending my whole life, even most of my childhood, pondering and trying different things to get myself to the ‘right’ place…I am unsure if I want to do any more ‘work’. I watched a video interview and I am really glad to hear about the energy work you two have done. It seems so wonderful, what you all are experiencing, the tantra. I know God is no respecter of persons…but is it realistically something I could experience, too?

    • The spirit, body, and soul are a great way to word that diagram, I will keep that in mind for future discussions on the topic. The reason why we advocate the “work”, is because of the feminine principle of understanding, which is just as important as the masculine principle of wisdom. To seek understanding is to seek the infusion of what Christians and Jews call the Holy Spirit (ruach hakodesh), asking Her (the Holy Spirit is feminine in the original languages) questions (usually “why”) to understand yourself, the world, and God better.

      If you do a search for each passage in the Jewish Bible where both wisdom and understanding are present, you will find 45+ (depending on the version) places where they are both mentioned…however, the understanding that most people seek is just the hollow counterfeit of knowledge (not the Hebrew version of knowledge, da’at, that is the sexual “knowing”, which is better translated in English as “intimacy” or “connection”), as knowledge is just reverse engineering something that is already here, it is reading into it with preconceived beliefs, which makes it dead, and not living; whereas understanding is alive, it is the flow and energy of God that inspires us to act. Additionally, in the Christian Bible, Paul calls understanding “faith” and wisdom “works”. So in essence, the “work” that we advocate is the process of pulling in Divine understanding, or cultivating your faith; it is each individual’s task to develop their understanding (faith), which is their connection to God.

      As far as the Tantra, yes, anybody can experience this, as it is representative of the Divine Marriage, which many religions have as a key aspect within them, especially Christian (Marriage of the Lamb), Jewish, Gnostic, Kabbalah, Taoist, Tantric Buddhism, etc…and as you exercise your Self-awareness (understanding/faith), you are able to become more sensitive to the life force energy of God and Matter within you. So the more you understand yourself, your body, your sexuality, your spirit, your soul, the more you can open up to a pure sexual experience with your mate. 🙂

      Great questions, thanks for asking!

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