Misconceptions About Polarity vs Duality

Divine MarriageDuality and polarity are not the same thing, however, that doesn’t stop people from confusing the two. Polarity is found in such things as north and south, east and west, chaos and order, positive and negative, light and dark, masculine and feminine, and male and female; when the two are in balance together, they harmoniously co-create in unity as One. In unity consciousness, the opposites are not opposing one another, but pairs that co-create in union together; sacred sexual merging is a reflection of the “union of the polarities”.

In the Genesis story of creation, you see polarity being expressed prior to the introduction of duality, as evidenced by Adam, Eve, and the other pairs of creatures. It was the original prohibition against eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil that introduced duality as a concept to humanity, within an already existing polarized universe. Was this forbidden fruit actually forbidden by God, or was it as the Gnostics claim, a demiurge false god that introduced the first prohibition to a naive humanity?

Whereas guilt is feeling bad for having done something wrong, shame is an inability to act in a way that is perceived as good or beneficial, for self or others. Therefore, the first prohibition actually caused shame in both the man and the woman, since they were now no longer able to act in a way that they were originally able to act. It was at the inception of shame that duality was introduced, not at the eating of the forbidden fruit, which just cemented their guilt for having acted in a way contrary to the original deceptive command by this false god.

The bookends of shame and guilt, the original prohibition and the guilt for having violated the original prohibition, are what started our experience within duality, as we had already been experiencing many lifetimes and worlds as beings within a polarized universe. Duality then, is a belief system construct that was built over the top of our polarized universe, one that pits the polarities as opposing forces to one another, in an attempt to capture unity beings for the purpose of enslaving them, and then feeding upon their Source energy, by acting as our gods. While these self-proclaimed gods pretend to be of the darkness or the light, they are actually just deceivers who continually hijack our true God’s creation, concepts, and terminology for their own parasitic goals.

Good and evil are not a polarity, they are a duality masquerading as a polarity, to deceive and capture us into their prison system forever. While unity consciousness is not dualistic, it may still be polarized in many cases, as this allows for varying degrees of experience while in a material form; it’s just that the polarities are able to effortlessly co-create together in unison, and as a mosaic, of the One true creator God.

Who then are the deceivers? Are they evil? Are we then good? Or is there something more to this cosmic drama that is playing out? We are something beyond good, and they are something beyond evil—we are the living, and they are the dead.

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