Message from the Hive: Christmas 2014

The popular saying of “Jesus is the reason for the season” is more than a bit erroneous, as it is historically the Saturnalia that is celebrated at this time of year (which is why some people say “X-Mas”, as X is one of many symbols for Saturn). In fact, Saturn is the reason for every event, religion, and celebration that happens here on earth, as all worship is meant to glorify an aspect of the control matrix to feed it. I’m not telling you to not to enjoy Christmas, I’m just reminding everyone to increase their awareness of “what” is going on here, and “why” it is the way it is…that way we can introduce a new and more powerful “how”, to uplift those who choose to be uplifted with us. Love to all in this season, and in every season… xo <3

Big 3 Religions Lead to Saturn



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