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We are actively blogging about emotional health and wellbeing, as well as about our own experiences with spiritual awakening and tapping at  We provide many resources on it, including dozens of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) tapping videos, and we highly recommend that you sign up for our free newsletter too.  Additionally, we give away even more information and tips that may add to your emotional and spiritual health.


Aline and Nathan write frequently on various subjects related to spirituality, Tantra, and more at the Hive’s Blog, check it out.



If you would like to bypass our EFT blog and view our tapping videos we have created, please visit our FreeWithEFT YouTube channel.

Here is our Divine Pollination YouTube channel.


Some longer articles are hosted at our page, so please feel free to read and share them!

  1. A Blueprint for World Peace – September 2011 issue of “The Paranormal Explorer”
  2. How to “Be the Change” – October 2011 issue of “The Paranormal Explorer”


We are on the radio periodically, here is a link to all of our radio interviews on our EFT blog, and a link to our interviews on our Hive blog.  If you would like to schedule us for a radio appearance, please fill out the form on our Speaking Events page and we’ll be happy to discuss the opportunity with you.

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