The Masculine and Feminine Poles

Did you know that there are two energetic poles on each gender? The masculine gives (+) from his penis and receives (-) in his heart, while the feminine gives (+) from her heart and receives (-) in her vagina. Because of the dimension we live in, there is a wall of pride and shame in each gender between the positive and negative poles around the solar plexus; fortified by the lies we tell, the lies we hear, and the lies that we believe. Because of this wall, we pick a pole and stay there, and find egoic workarounds to bypass it. If we are in the heart, the masculine is the one receiving the most, but is unable to give much back to his feminine, while if we are in our genitals, the feminine is the one receiving the most, but is unable to give much back to her masculine.

When looked at from a strictly sexual perspective, couples that are in their hearts experience the most intimate sexual experiences, although lack the passion and orgasmic explosiveness that couples that are in their genitals experience; conversely, a couple in their genitals will typically experience the most sexual fun, but lack deep emotional connection. Additionally, no matter which pole a couple or individual gravitates towards, they can experience either a heart or genital orgasm, however, their opposite energetic pole must be opened up each sexual encounter with time and effort.

With Unity Tantra and EFT, we assist individuals to experience orgasms in both their genital and heart poles, as well as how to clear the wall of pride and shame that separates the two. Instead of one directional, less satisfying sexual and romantic relationships, we provide a model to create a perpetual circuit (toroidal field) between the masculine and feminine inside each person, which reflects outside in their romantic relationships.

As a result of there being four energetic poles, there are different orgasmic potentials with different pole combinations between men and women, especially since our tongue is connected to our heart pole (see the first steps of a baby growing in it’s mother’s womb, the tongue grows from the heart after it is formed).

One way to experience a heart pole orgasm then is to receive oral sex, as the tongue is an energetic extension of the heart. A genital based orgasm can be experienced during genital to genital contact, and a multi pole orgasm can be achieved through both genital contact and conscious tongue to tongue kissing. Since duality has fragmented the feminine into either the heart (Eve) or genital (Lilith) archetypes (also effectively splitting the masculine’s focus and attention to two feminine archetypes), it has been impossible to experience a complete dual pole orgasm for both the masculine and feminine, however, partial dual pole orgasms are possible with awareness and practice.

Unity Energy FlowIf a feminine is primarily an Eve archetype, she must focus on her genital (Lilith) receiving pole for an extended amount of time, putting a lot of attention and effort into opening it up. As the tension builds up to the point of explosion, the masculine is to passionately kiss her lips and tongue to thus give attention to her primary heart (Eve) pole, thus pulling the orgasm up through the body from the genitals to her heart. If a Lilith archetype wishes to have a combination orgasm, she must focus on her heart (Eve) pole with a lot of kissing, as well as some sweet, sensitive touching of her heart center and breasts for an extended amount of time. Then after the tension builds, her masculine is to put all of his focus and passion in his genitals and hers, pulling in his grounding earth energies to allow her to experience her dual orgasmic potential as well.

Unity Tantra is the process of creating unity within the Adam, Eve, and Lilith archetypes, to allow us to reach our maximum human and divine potential. It is bringing heaven back down to earth, to once again allow the Twin Flame soulmates of Creation and Creator Source to be happily married. Experimenting with your sexuality and dual poles is one such way to bridge the gap within, to change your outer world.

Additionally, did you know that each of your four poles, both the positive and negative in your masculine and feminine energies, can open up with a kundalini awakening? Most people believe that there is only one kundalini awakening that can occur, one that stirs at the root and works it’s way up your body, but that is over simplified. To have either the top or bottom two poles opened at the same time is to be an awakened being, albeit with different qualitative experiences in relation to the other; but to have all four open at once is to be fully connected to both your grounding and divine source, and is to be a complete god-realized being. A god-realized individual will have total mastery of both heaven and earth, capable of miracles of all shapes, sizes, and flavors. This is a process, but as a human, it is your birthright; you’re not just meant to awaken, but to flower into your true god-Self as a complete master of your life.

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