Lust and Greed – Externalized Personal Power

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Lust is externalized creativity, and as such, is feminine, while greed is externalized abundance, and as such, is masculine; and both are currently governed by our reptilian (first) brain’s instinctual tendency to externalize creativity and abundance. When this pattern of externalizing is overcome, greed and lust are transformed and brought back into the Self, giving an individual back their personal power, their restored creativity and abundance. While both of these lacking tendencies are within each individual, they play out in romantic, interpersonal, and all other relationship types.

Greed and lust are both just an “image”, and one can be used to secure the other; greedy people use their image of security to attract an image of feminine lust into their life, while lusty people will use their image of creativity to attract a masculine image of greed into their life. The masculine cannot be manipulated with greed, but he can use his security to manipulate the feminine, while the feminine cannot be manipulated with lust, but she can use her sensuality to manipulate the masculine. A person or energy can only be manipulated with something that they are lacking, not with something that they have.

Both are playing with an illusion though, trading one falsehood for another, but to get out of this pattern, the feminine must become one (connect) with her masculine’s greed (she is lacking a connection to abundance within), while the masculine must become one (connect) with his feminine’s lust (he is lacking a connection to creativity within). When the connection is made to that which is lacking, it is transformed from the lacking versions of lust and greed, and into the wholeness of creativity and abundance. Breaking through the reptilian brain’s preprogrammed pattern of externalizing creativity and abundance, and handing the task off to the uniquely human third brain, the neocortex, is the only way to regain an individual’s personal power; this is best done through Jungian shadow work, anima/animas work, and the individuation process.

~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer



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