Light, Darkness, & the Third Force

Businessman on a chessboard, walk from the capsized dummiesWhen you judge the darkness, you judge yourself. When you avoid the darkness, you avoid yourself. When you fight against the darkness, you fight against yourself. There is an unseen third force that does manipulate however, and it is neither light nor dark, but it does currently work its manipulation and deceit under the cover of darkness, which is why we mistakenly judge the dark; for the darkness is the twin flame soulmate of the light, he is her lover and not her enemy. There is a time coming though, when this third force will operate in the light of day, as our saviors and the conquerors of the darkness, but this is just a deeper layer of deception.

The only way to combat this unseen third force is not through direct confrontation though, but by healing the susceptibility to its manipulation of your light and darkness within; which came through the original separation of your light and dark sides — therefore, it is by integrating your two sides back into One that you heal your susceptibility to manipulation and lies. Once you have fully integrated them, having seen both the light and dark for what they truly are — two halves of your own Self, you can drop your judgments, experience wholeness, and are impervious to the deceptions and manipulations of this parasitic third force.

~Nathan & Aline

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