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4944347_origThe following was a message sent to me from a new friend that I had began to correspond with in regards to unity consciousness, and how it fits into Carl Jung’s concept of “individuation”.  In the Hive, our experience is that each person is meant to individuate from the whole, not be assimilated into it, to experience “unity”.  🙂

Full individuation of Self, the apex of individuality, is unity consciousness, as it is the height of unique Self-expression. Unity is not losing yourself into a mass blob of consciousness, it is individuating your Self from it. ~Nathan & Aline

His wording and understanding of individuation in relation to unity was so profound, as well as his ability to pull in an outside-in concept from us (since we are external to him), to integrate inside-out in his own life…all because he wanted to “understand me”.  Understanding is truly a powerful force of transformation and creation.

Here is his message in its entirety:

* * * * *


I was contemplating your emphasis on being a unique expression within the Knowing that we are but One: the idea that becoming an amorphous and indistinguishable part of a whole is non-resonant for you.

Beyond an early insistence that I had, demanding the respect of the individual’s sovereignty as a foundational aspect of community, I have not spent a lot of time meditating on this. Yesterday, and seeking to honour your understanding, I did so. It was interesting how simple and clearly I was able to fall into agreement with you.

A few things arose in my attention. The first was a picture of how the predominant paradigm is, and with the aid of unprecedented supporting technologies, engaged in an unprecedented rush to homogenization. While this trend has created standards which lead to great efficiencies in the delivery (and control) of material goods and services, this same mindset has not stopped there, but rather has seeped into the ordering, morality, conceptualizations, and even “spirituality” of the planet’s inhabitants. This global hegemony dictates, not only the predominant economic form; capitalism, but, social forms; “democracy” with a governing class, morality; with global agreements on law, and prohibited human behaviour, and an understanding of the very nature of human existence; to achieve within the boundaries of these artificial parameters. As such, the human becomes a mindless commodity; the post-consumer, and easily controlled and traded.

Some recent visitors to Eden Atenas have illuminated for me the way this tendency acts upon, and subverts, the impulse of the human consciousness to expansion. In my capacity as “writer”, I receive many curious visitors here. This curiosity is, however, not true curiosity, but rather the act of different orthodoxies to see if I might be claimed as theirs. Here I encounter the group mind as “spiritual” death. For instance, I am an admirer of some thoughts of some gurus, but encounters with their followers, seeking to conform to, and emanate from, their words, leaves me slack-jawed at the death of the consciousness as it seeks to conform with one thought. Here, all possibility beyond the group-sanctioned apprehension is met with scorn or condescension. Likewise, Muslims (though I love Rumi), neo-Hindus (though my name is Avtar), Christians (though I posses Christ Consciousness) etc., seek to discover whether I might be claimed as their own. Each such encounter is an encounter with the contracting effect upon our apprehension of Consciousness of group-mind and agreements.

Ultimately, the only way of apprehending Source in a way that can be illuminating is through personal attention. Everything else is “spiritual” hearsay; third party consumption, apprehended through the egoic mind.

Does not Consciousness seek itself, in form, in billions of individuated perspectives? Does not nature evolve and adapt through the very act of diversity? Does it not follow, in logic (and I am a great admirer of simple logic), that if such diversity and individuation of apprehension were not essential that Consciousness would merely have appeared in One form?

All of this is to say that I have meditated upon your insistence and found it to confirm my own. Therefore, let us be like the plants of the garden; One Sun, One Rain, One Soil, but many fruits, trees, and flowers.

-avtar- Eden Atenas Costa Rica



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