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The Mirrors Principle is not just metaphysical lingo, there is logic tied into consciousness at work. There are three parts to our human experience, the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the unconscious mind. The first contains our unique individuality, the second stems from our genetic/energetic bloodlines into which we were born, while the third is formed from the underlying messages that our experiences conveyed to us prior to the age of eight, based in our family, religion, schooling, and society of origin. As each subsequent generation is born, the unconscious mind is added to the existing subconscious mind.

In humanity’s current state of being, the conscious mind is typically the smallest factor in their decision making and manifesting capacity, as the subconscious and unconscious minds are running the show from old programs, much like the Wizard of Oz did from behind the curtain. The curtain in the Wizard of Oz represents the veil that resides between who people think they are, and who they actually are – it is the disconnect between humanity’s three minds.

The conscious mind may go into cognitive dissonance and bypass reason, in order to support the manifestations and behaviors that the subconscious and unconscious minds caused, but they are just bypassing responsibility to avoid the reality of their powerless feelings.  What are they feeling powerless to accomplish?  They are powerless to consciously create their lives, for they are slaves of their other two minds.

The self-organizing principle of the Universal Consciousness brings to the individual exactly what they require to create their lives in the ways that they dictate, even if it is only subconsciously and unconsciously, and against their conscious desires. The manifestations that the Universal Consciousness funnels to the individual experience are the manifestations that their three minds are co-creating together, this is how we create our own reality.

The Mirrors Principle is the opportunity for the conscious mind to retake it’s power from both the subconscious and unconscious minds – it allows for analyzing the manifestations, which are effects, to find the original programs that are responsible for causing them to manifest. Once the unconscious (and subconscious) has been made fully conscious, and the epiphany has been thoroughly realized and integrated, then the old program ceases to operate, while a new, higher serving program can be installed from the conscious mind onto the other two minds.

The conscious decision to uninstall limiting patterns, and then install better serving ones, allows for the self-organizing principle of the Universal Consciousness to funnel more experiences that the individual consciously chooses, rather than the experiences that the external factors of genealogy and society initially placed upon them. Working the Mirrors Principle, by analyzing the effects reflected to them from their experiences to change the root causes, empowers individuals to become Conscious Creators.

A Conscious Creator is able to consciously choose each and every experience that they are going to have, without any unwanted surprises. Thankfully though, how the Universal Consciousness will actually organize the individual’s conscious manifestations, is still an exhilarating and welcome surprise.

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