Joss Whedon, Firefly, Serenity, and the Communitarian Agenda

Those who have taken the time to watch the television series Firefly, by Joss Whedon, a short lived spaghetti western and science fiction mash up, will tell you that its cancellation was one of the worst choices ever by a network.  The premise, characters,  story arc, creativity, dry wit, and humor, made Firefly, and its follow up theatrical release Serenity, endearing to new viewers, established fans, and critics alike.  His other projects, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and even the Avengers from Disney and Marvel, all received similar fanfare and critical praise.

Beyond his brilliant storytelling abilities and likable characters, Whedon seems to have a message encoded through many of his projects about a centralized totalitarian state, such as the Alliance in Firefly and Serenity, as well as mind control, in which central crew member River Tam, is a victim of.  Joss Whedon would later explore using women as mind control slaves further in his “Dollhouse” television series, where the central mind control slave Echo starts to wake up to her predicament, while being used as a call girl, agent, assassin, and any other role she is conditioned to play.  Like Echo, River Tam is an asset of the state/corporation she is controlled by, and has been programmed with special abilities; after all, like Mark Passio states, “it’s not that human nature is good or evil, it’s that it’s programmable”  and some are more programmed than others.

Mind control is not just the stuff of science fiction though, as the CIA was forced to release heavily redacted confidential files back in the 1970’s about their super secret mind control techniques and facilities, where Nazi’s imported from Operation Paperclip after WWII, helped refine the techniques.  This super secret program was called MK Ultra, and its associated program for using women as mind control slaves, for uses such as in the Dollhouse television series, was called Project Monarch.  Interestingly enough, one of the two authors of the popular New Age theology “A Course in Miracles” (ACIM), Dr William Thetford, was a psychologist who was heavily involved in the MK Ultra brainwashing project, known as SubProject 130: Personality Theory.

Brutal tortuous experiments, and in some cases fatal ones, were carried out on hundreds of thousands of American citizens (reports of up to 500,000) after WWII, and well into the 1970’s.  While the program was supposedly shut down after it was revealed to the US Senate, many feel that it was perfected, and just moved further underground to avoid detection.  All of this information is easily accessible online if one just Googles it, it is not a conspiracy theory, but a conspiracy fact; see the MK Ultra Wikipedia entry for more details.  Our background with the Emotional Freedom Techniques, hypnosis, neuroscience, severe trauma, and working with ritual abuse victims, has allowed us to grasp the scope and depth of what all of this means, and the techniques they use to implement both hard and soft mind control.

Since we live in a free will universe, which means we are allowed the choice to experience anything we “agree” to experience; the Elite and Powers that Be (PTB) are required to gain our consent for anything that might violate our free will, such as being made aware of brutal torture and mind control in our midst.  Disclosure of super secret information, technology, alien contact, mind control techniques, etc., often is done through Hollywood and the media, so that they can say “you were warned”, or to gain our consent to experience some sort of mass event or lifestyle, even if it is just “unconscious consent”.  The tactic known as “predictive programming” is used to gain our unconscious consent as a population, where they infuse certain ideas, themes, and psychological patterns into a series, episode, or movie to prepare us with useful programs and tendencies.  If MK Ultra and torture is hard programming, then the media’s and Hollywood’s use of predictive programming is a soft version of mind control, a slick form of social engineering/conditioning.

Knowing the darker side of Hollywood, and that Disney, who owns the movie rights to Marvel’s Avengers, is a main abuser and user of Monarch mind control slaves, makes any successful director or producer a suspect in the conspiracy to deceive and entrap the public.  Is Joss Whedon, a beloved writer and director, in on the conspiracy, or is he trying to write in messages that exposes the conspiracy of an out of control centralized government, and the horrors of mind control abuse?

I have struggled with cognitive dissonance around Joss Whedon and his lovable characters, especially as they are presented in my favorite television show of all time, Firefly and Serenity, since I do not want to believe that he has any ulterior motives  but my awareness of the industry cannot be ignored either.  Since I am not a person to sweep anything under the carpet, and I keep asking questions, even when the answers might be uncomfortable for me to learn, I kept pressing for an answer to my suspicions.  Thanks to the book “Existential Joss Whedon: Evil And Human Freedom in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly And Serenity”, available to view partially on Google Books, I was able to figure out the common theme in his storylines, and why they are still less than beneficial to the overall human condition.

“Whedon is using Firefly and Serenity, as he did Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, to critique rationalistic systems of ethics, such as utilitarianism, and to support his alternative communitarian love ethics, built on a foundation of existential choice.” ~J. Michael Richardson, J. Douglas Rabb, Chapter 10, Existential Joss Whedon: Evil And Human Freedom in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly And Serenity

In short, Joss Whedon is using the predictive programming technique to program communitarianism values into the minds of the masses, which is the next form of global governance that we are being prepared to transition into.  Communitarianism may sound like love and light, but it is a very deceptive ideal, as it has the individual serving the community, rather than the community serving the individual. In communitarian society, it is still a top down pyramid structure with centralized leaders, which in both Firefly and Serenity is embodied by the loyal Captain Malcolm Reynolds, where he is shown to be a fair and loving leader, who puts the needs of his community above his own.  At the same time, there are worker bees who serve the common purpose of community, and submit to the authority of the central queen bee, each fulfilling the trade or task that they are good at.


  • Malcolm Reynolds – Captain
  • Zoë – First Officer
  • Wash – Pilot
  • Jayne – Weapons Expert
  • Kaylee – Ship Mechanic
  • Inara – Tantric Companion
  • Simon – Doctor
  • Shepard Book – Religious Chaplain
  • River Tam – Intuitive Reader & Mind Control Victim

In the community of the ship Serenity, everyone has their place and function, and serves the community in that role, and there is a sense of loyalty that the Captain has for his crew, and the crew has to him and the other crew members, that is endearing and lovable.  We all desire to fit into a group of some sort, to feel loved, connected, like we belong and can contribute, and when things get too dire, a group that we can be rescued by.  You see, this type of communitarian belief system, is a way of dodging personal responsibility, as it gives the responsibility of choice to the top of the hierarchy, while the top of the hierarchy must also delegate responsibility for their actions to those under their authority.

After all, it is not realistic that the captain is also the doctor, preacher, pilot, first officer, and mechanic all in one, right?  He makes the difficult choices, sometimes with the community’s input, and they make his vision a reality.  If an action goes wrong with the doctor or the pilot though, the Captain can blame their poor actions, or they can blame his poor decisions; both get to avoid an aspect of personal responsibility, and in a way, avoid their karma.  We all have this tendency to avoid aspects of personal responsibility within us, which is why we are susceptible to communitarian rule.

In communitarian belief, and in both Firefly and Serenity, individualism is believed to be selfish and harmful, such as when Jayne makes a deal with the Alliance to turn in River and Simon for a financial reward.  In the same way, individualism is being heralded by the media as the reason for our global financial meltdown.  They say that it is the evil individualists and capitalists, and their greedy ways, that caused our financial predicament.  However, it is anything but individuality that caused our global crisis, as it was a carefully orchestrated and staged crash from the highest levels ABOVE government, from our Elite controllers, and maybe even beyond.

In actuality though, individuality is the psychological state of being individuated from the collective unconscious, having consciously made the unconscious-conscious by shining the light of awareness on the shadow sides of the personality within.  Individuation is the state of being whole, intimate, creative, and compassionate, free from emotional wounds, fears, and triggers.  It makes people uncontrollable and unpredictable, as they are capable of spontaneous action and creativity from their Source within.

This state of being an individual does not cause a Service to Self (STS) mentality of selfish behavior, but promotes spontaneous creative action that furthers humanity in unpredictable ways, as it is Service to Others (STO).  Ironically, it is the communitarian belief set that is Service to Self masquerading as Service to Others, as it enables the selfish need to avoid responsibility over a person’s whole life, making it an external person’s duty to make up for their own inability to be wholly responsible over their lives.  Conversely, when the individuality, free will, and creativity of the individual is nurtured by the community, the individual is able to use their imagination to spontaneously create opportunities that end up serving other individuals within the community  and beyond.  Far from being selfish, spontaneous creative actions support and serve others, they do not harm others for selfish gain.

This subtle but dangerous variation between the community serving the individual versus to the individual serving the community is what the actual NWO will be built upon, not the fascist Nazi fall guy that is about to be overthrown worldwide, also called “the Cabal”.  Communitarianism is the Elite’s “Solution” phase of Hegel’s Dialectic of “Problem – Reaction – Solution”, where Nazi Fascism and the American version of the New World Order are the Problem that must be faced.

The truth bloggers and reporters, the power struggle between the East and the West, maybe a staged WWIII, and mass arrests at the Event, may all be a major part of the Reaction phase.  Additionally, near the end of the Reaction phase, and the beginning of the Solution phase, we’ll have the “fall of the Cabal”, disclosure of alien contact and shadow government activities, and the final crash of the current financial banking system.  Finally, the implementation of a new and improved financial system that supports rather than starves the global community, a redistribution of wealth, communitarian governments, and communal living will begin to be implemented, which will finalize the Solution (or Synthesis) phase of the Hegelian Dialectic.

If this is the case, it makes sense that Joss is promoting examples of communitarian living, as well as the fall of the old system through information disclosure, in his work.  (Spoiler Alert: at the end of Serenity, Captain Reynolds is able to transmit the true cause of the Reaver epidemic, which was from an Alliance mass experiment on passivity to control the populations through airborne chemical additives.  This brings to mind the global chemtrailing of our skies, and the fluoridation of the water systems employed in America and elsewhere.)

Other beloved franchises are programming in similar communitarian themes of community above individuality, such as Star Trek, Friends, and the Big Bang Theory, although a centralized leader may not be present in all instances.  For example, Spock’s dying words in “Star Trek II, the Wrath of Khan” were “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” – which could very well be the slogan that best encapsulates communitarian thought.  Even the Avengers are not immune to communitarian influence, as each of the mega personalities of individual heroes must learn to sacrifice their ego for the greater good of their team, all under the one eyed authority of Nick Fury.

The reason why Joss Whedon’s work resonates so strongly with us, is because the need to belong is still a very important desire, but as a service to each individual’s needs, not the other way around.  We all long to belong to a group, to feel like we matter and are useful, but many desire to do so to avoid an aspect of personal responsibility, rather than fully owning both their decisions and actions from within.  It is when we are fully whole and individuated from the collective unconscious that we are truly able belong as a citizen of our greater universal brethren, where we get to use our spontaneous creativity in service and harmony to the mosaic of creation.

It is the carefully engineered communitarian society that will finally steal the last vestiges of human freedom from us, while giving us back a sense of safety that we thought we lost when we left our mother’s womb.  If we do finally decide to experience the communitarian lifestyle though, we will still have a type of freedom – freedom from the responsibility over our own decisions and actions, and in a way, the illusion that we are free from karmic repercussions that stem from being fully responsible.

For more on creativity and individuality, please see this blog post from Jon Rappaport, “The Coming Revolution”, and his audio lectures THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX.

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Niki Raapana and Nordica Friedrich wrote an excellent book on the Communitarian agenda, and how it is to be implemented by 2020, “2020: Our Common Destiny and The Anti Communitarian Manifesto”.

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