Is ‘ABE’ a Metaphor for our Ego?

I found this comment on the following video and thought it was brilliant and insightful.

If he knew how to fix himself he’d already be coping. All he knows is this selfish love, so he’s trying to work with what he knows.

Unfortunately, most people function in this way. Instead of trying to understand their own condition they try to change the conditions of others to match their own. People forget the dynamic, and just continue trying to do only what they know.

Pretty much the WHOLE world operates in this way, where they do not like the world they live in, and what it is mirroring back to them, so they try to fix the outside world, rather than going within. Think of “ABE” as our ego that tries to control the external world, a robotic construct that just isn’t capable of understanding Self; it is our consciousness that is self aware, and NOT our programming.  If ABE (ego) was capable of self-reflection, he would go within and ask “why”, rather than going outside with a “how” solution.

*NOTE: If you choose to watch the video, just know it is VERY dark, but does not actually show anything gory, but it is implied.


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