Integration Creates Neutrality

Silhouette of a hacker isloated on blackIntegration of the opposites within duality creates energetic neutrality. I see  duality as a binary computer code, with zeroes and one’s, while unity as a ternary computer code, with negative one’s, zeroes, and one’s. Where the predictive nature of duality is imbalanced with haves (one’s or negative one’s) and have not’s (zeroes), which is why there is the perpetual tension between domination and submission.  It can be the dark side with negative one (-1) and zero (0), or it can be the light side with one (+1) and zero (0), but not the three operating harmoniously as the One.  In unity however, its predictive nature will always end up balanced and neutral (+1,  0,  – 1), which allows for a perfectly harmonious life without struggle.

The hallmark of a life of neutrality is the ability to be present and steady in the moment, but in duality presence doesn’t work without suppression, as the imbalance creates a thick shadow within the individual. This shadow can either be suppressed or indulged, but in either case, they are still a highly imbalanced person.

Integration brings in the extra variable (negative one, -1 or positive one, +1), whichever is missing; and while still being in duality, through both shadow and anima/animus work, the energetic charges can become balanced.  This allows for new unity experiences that cannot harm Self or others, for without the imbalanced charge, there is no longer the haves and have not’s, just the harmonious reality that all thoughts and experiences lead back to the neutral charge of zero. This is why many tend to describe unity as nothingness; which in a way it is, but it is also so much more.

The diagrams below demonstrates how these two varying experiences work:





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The end scene of the famous Jim Henson movie ‘the Dark Crystal’ demonstrates light and dark integrating back into One, check it out below:


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  1. Giggetta Mazzamuto says:

    To achieve equilibrium in the balance of life two beings go through to join the imbalance in the center of gravity maximum SOS CALLED LOVE OF MY LIFE, no matter how steep is the way you and I if we remain united, there is no patron, because two loving beings create their own pattern vida.asi are ESPARTACO E ALMA ONE UNIT TWO BODIES one soul I’m beating as one where you’re out of love is a divine union, VIBRATIONS aRE uNIQUE UNDERSTANDING oF FAITH lOVE LIFE .. SEA WATCH YOUR ..CAPITULO my memory for Giggetta Giggetta Mazzamuto-ESCRITORA.LIBRO YOUR LIFE SEI author MIA.Derechos Justice Ministry granted Argentina.


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