Insights from Dreams on 9/18/13

These are the lessons and insights I received from my dreams on 9/18/2013, about the dualistic dimension in which we live. I find that paying attention to the patterns in my dreams helps me to better understand life. This particular lesson was very interesting to me, so I felt that I would share it with you.

Our abundance and prosperity gets trapped in our cells, locked in them with lies, medications, etc, and they can’t get out… we must ‘win’ to cash out, but that time never comes. We continually feed the beast to have the illusion of getting any of this trapped potential out, otherwise it is lost, like gambling money… once in we can’t back out without losing our initial investment… but there never comes a time to cash out, just the promise that the time is coming, but it never does…ever. Thus we keep playing the game, waiting to withdraw what we put in, realizing that we can’t win, we desire to at least get back our initial investment to avoid a huge loss. We were duped into the game and we can’t get out, now we’re subservient to the king and his rules, and must kiss his ass just to keep our hope of withdrawal alive.

We can earn some of our potential back by getting a job, but we are earning back what was ours in the first place, not creating additional potential. It is racketeering though, paying for protection that we wouldn’t need if they weren’t threatening us. But instead we are forced to work for a scrap of our potential, that we wouldn’t need to work for in the first place without them having taken our ability to harvest it for ourselves. A scrap of payday only comes when we play the king’s game, otherwise it stays trapped in our body and cells. Self medication numbs the pain, which traps the energy further by causing us to not miss the potential as much, it is forgotten, thus being trapped further.

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