I’d Tap That! The Secret to Amazing Sex EFT Webinar Series

Simply trying to overcome our sexual experience with new choices and techniques places us in the position of a cat chasing its tail, we expend a tremendous amount of energy with little tangible rewards for our efforts. Actions are the result of who we are as a being, and the beliefs that we hold on to, no amount of changing our actions will change our beliefs or who we are. The Secret to Amazing Sex EFT Webinar Series is meant to examine typical western beliefs on human sexuality, and systematically release them with EFT; which will allow for new experiences to flow unhindered by the old, overly rigid belief structures.

Let’s improve our sex lives by releasing the limiting beliefs that have caged our sexual energy; instead of changing our actions for little to no reward, let’s change our being to permanently change our doing.

To sign up for The Secret to Amazing Sex EFT Webinar Series, please visit http://DivinePollination.com/events
For past videos in the series, please see https://divinepollination.pivotshare.com/

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