Hypersexualization of Children Exposed! Disney Pedophilia and Sexualized Rolemodels

As somebody who intimately understands the human mind through my experiences with EFT and Hypnotism, and the mind’s capacity to be conditioned and programmed, there is definitely an overt agenda to program humanity’s children worldwide to be hyper-sexualized. Images and programs are subtly, and not so subtly, inserted and reinforced through the media, dance schools, regular school, and children’s toys.

We must start by uninstalling the many layers of programs that have been programmed onto our unconscious mind, one by one, to even have a chance at helping our children navigate today’s creepy atmosphere. This video does a really good job of demonstrating the scope of the social conditioning that is occurring, however, it still is up to the individual to take action and deprogram themselves, and thus their children, from the damage of hyper-sexualization.



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