Hugelkultur Experiment

I decided to do a Hugelkultur experiment while I am also doing an orgonite gardening experiment.  I used a similar pot and setup as with my other three bean pots, but instead of adding orgonite, which I thought about doing in addition to the hugelkultur, I added a bunch of dead wood twigs and chips at the bottom.  I am sure that I will eventually combine the methods, but I wanted to see how the hugelkultur would perform without the orgonite in the pot, to compare to the other three pots.

Hugelkultur is a German gardening method where wood logs are buried under a bunch of compost, top soil, and other gardening goodies in order to have thriving gardens without the need to water them too often.   This process accomplishes two things, as the buried twigs and logs absorb water and release it into the soil, as well as the slow decomposition process that occurs, which releases tremendous amounts of nutrients to the soil and plants growing on top.  Hugelkultur is usually made into above ground mounds or berms, but can also be done in framed gardening enclosures and pots.  Check out the photos below to see how I did my potted bean experiment.  Also, see the following link for my orgonite gardening experiment.


















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