How to Stand Up to Tyranny

stand-up-tyrannyHere is a way to stand up to tyrannical behavior that actually works: Instead of resisting the “how” actions of a bully, manipulator, and controlling person with your own “how” actions and defiance, ask them “why” they feel that they must behave in such a controlling and abusive way. This must be done with an open heart and an earnest desire to understand them though, which will put the offender in a position to understand themselves; as they are confronted with the mirror of truth of who they are, free from blame or condemnation.

The closed hearted need not attempt this feat though, for a person who lacks understanding and awareness of their own life will be unable to pull understanding and awareness through the heart of another. Those who are able to pull awareness through another have already mastered the art and process of understanding themselves; the aware are the peacemakers who will pull understanding through those who are still in conflict.

~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

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