How To Ride, Thrive, and Survive The Galactic Wave


By David Nova | from Deus Nexus

How does one prepare for a galactic wave? How does one take advantage of its energy? The answer has a lot more to do with your state of Being than what you are Doing. You need to say “yes” with your whole Being. You need to Be open. You need to Be in a state of active, heart-centered acceptance.

I’m going to use a scary word, a word you are not going to like. I’m going to use the word“surrender.” You have to surrender, and surrender unconditionally. You have to surrender your ego, surrender your mind, and surrender your heart. There are a lot of inner blocks that can obstruct us, blind us, convince us that we need to resist transformation. Our fear is a really big factor. You’re probably feeling a little fear right now, fear of the word “surrender.”


Here’s an example. You’re spending the day at the beach. You spread your towel across the sand, you lay down, you close your eyes, you quiet your mind, you relax your entire body and absorb the sun’s golden rays. This is all you need to do. Just be open and absorb the cosmic rays.

Or are you distracted by what’s going on next to you? Are you thinking about work? Are you thinking about what you are going to do tonight, in the future? Are you thinking about what happened earlier today, in the past? Are you thinking about the fight you had with a friend or family member? Are you thinking about all the things you want to buy or didn’t bring? Where is your focus? Are you enjoying the beach? Are you open or closed to this experience? Where are you? Are you lost somewhere inside your thoughts, consumed by recycled emotions, or are you actually on the beach, in the Now?


If you’ve done your preparation, if you’ve done your inner work, then this galactic wave of energy should be just another day at the beach. You just need to be open. Open your heart. Open your mind. Open your spirit. Be open like an innocent child. Relax without expectations or requirements. Open every chakra. Open every cell of your body. Let go of your stress and the mind’s clutter and circular thinking. Be present in this peaceful moment. Be perceptive of what you feel. Go with your feelings and ride your intuition. Be giddy. Be sad. Then return to calm. Allow your imagination to expand. You will feel strength. You will feel purpose. You will feel peace. You will feel connected. You will feel that everything is as it should be.


Most of us are familiar with the concept of being “in the zone.” This is where you need to be when you go surfing. You don’t want your mind cluttered or distracted, or you’ll “wipe out.” You need to be completely present in the moment, awake, aware, and alive. In order to surf, you need to learn how to leave everything else behind. Leave it ashore. Everything. All the emotional baggage. All of your beliefs. All of your opinions. All of your fears. All of your filters. All of your ideas about yourself. You need to leave your ego behind you. You have to become as clear as glass to let the energy pass through. You have to be balanced on your board so you don’t fall. You have to embrace this moment… come what may. And there may yet be turmoil.

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