How to Neutralize Conflict

chessThe best way we’ve found to deal with any supposed atrocity, supposed because there is always a duality of good vs evil, us vs them, freedom vs security, chaos vs order, and yin vs yang in all conflicts, is to realize how you are the yang (order/good) and honor it, and realize how you are the yin (chaos/evil), and honor it too. I am the evil I perceive, and I am the good that I perceive also; in this way, we neutralize conflict within, and become a walking Rosetta Stone (universal solution key) for all those who desire true change. So instead of standing up for a cause you are passionate for (or against), fighting, and taking a course of action, which always leads to a dualistic stalemate, allow yourself to understand how you contain both sides of the conflict within you, and integrate them back into the One. ~Nathan

For a more in depth understanding of our position on activism, and how to neutralize conflict, please see the following article, “Be the Change with EFT & Gandhi Groups“, which outlines our personal process that Aline and I use daily together, to heal our world through our relationship.

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