How to Fight Evil

At least from a Gnostic perspective, yes, evil exists, but it isn’t just an external enemy, it also exists within each one of us, it si known as STS (Service to Self), and is about the God spark consciousness serving itself instead of experiencing balance and serving all.  According to the Gnostic author Montalk, at, in the Ra material, STO (Service to Others) is balanced, and that balance is the positive polarity, while STS is imbalanced as light or imbalanced as dark; and we tend to agree. If STO is understood as good, light, and positive combined, then we feel it has been misinterpreted, but if STO and positive is understood as balance and neutrality, then we agree.

Think of it in binary vs ternary computing, where in the light you have a 0 and a 1, while in the dark you have a 0 and a -1; both are imbalanced. But in ternary computing, you have a 1, 0, and -1, which in predictive computing will always lead to a neutral and balanced charge; binary is STS, while Ternary is STO. We use Carl Jung’s shadow work, anima/animus work, and EFT tapping to integrate and neutralize the shadows (good shadows and evil shadows), which are both of the ego, into the non judgmental observer within. From what we can understand of the parasitic invaders, they are neither light nor darkness, and possibly not even from our universe (according to Andrew Bartzis), but they manipulate both the light and darkness to their own parasitic feeding goals. Whereas the neutrality folks, such as the Gnostics, Carl Jung, Robert Augustus Masters, all point to emotional awareness and neutrality as unity consciousness.

We too see emotional awareness, balance, and neutrality as the path (3rd Way) to defeating the parasitic invaders who uphold the 4d control grid, whereas the 3d control grid is the one being fought over with the “Event”. We don’t think 3d humans need to be fighting the 3d control grid right now, as the new 3d will be under the control of 4d STS beings just as it is now, we think all of our focus needs to be on the 4d grid. It is our responsibility to neutralize it with emotional and spiritual integration via shadow work, not by hoping that an external ET or Angelic force that will save us. At least from our understanding, love and light will not combat the 4d grid, at least not from the limited perspective that it is being touted now; its just not practical and is more of a slogan or patriotic battle cry. Love and Light is the result, and not the cause of emotional and spiritual integration of the shadows within, the light shadows and the dark shadows, removing the struggle of good vs evil, light vs dark, and instead becoming the neutral observer that cannot be manipulated any further by parasites, light, and dark.

Here is a great interview of Andrew Bartzis that gives an alternative perspective to all that is going on here. His contract nullification scripts at the end are absolutely priceless, and we highly recommend listening to his presentation of them.


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  1. Richard says:

    The whole idea that a person can and is supposed to transcend “good vs evil, light vs dark and become a neutral observer who cannot be manipulated any further by parasites, either light or dark” is an idea that comes from evil/dark parasites who have caught you in their web of lies, making you believe you have transcended the whole polarity paradigm altogether, and can no longer be caught up in it. It is their standard diversionary tactic. To pacify you and make you comfortable. Proud of yourself.

    And it works on all individuals who are students and practitioners of alternative spirituality, the new age movement, mysticism, gnosticism, esotericism, shamanism, various false religions and ungodly teachings.

    Ra’s teaching for example, along with the Cassiopaeans, (who both claim to be 6th density “civilizations”), those are all demonic entities of a very high order transmitting to naive humans their false cosmology, which high level teachers then disseminate across the internet, in very convincing terms, because they themselves have been deceived and caught in the web. Yet they were not born for that purpose, but were targetted, because the fallen entities knew they could use the very souls who were to help.

    All of the materials which Tom Montalk is into, are all demonic. And he is just one of many good guys, who truly knows much, but has been deceived several hundred times over, that he cannot unwrap himself and untangle himself out of that deception – even for all of the true and wonderful knowledge he knows and elucidates beautifully.

    Andrew Bartzis, like the channelers of the two aforementioned works, redefines what it means to be deceived and to deceive others in turn. Yourself included, who transmit this information further onto those who trust you. That’s how evil truly works. You think you have escaped it and are beyond its reach, but you yourself are its very agent. Unfortunately.

    Leave behind this so called “advanced spiritual knowledge”, because it has shredded you and everyone who has gone into it, and spat them out completely changed and ineffective. Philosophical mindless drones, who are OVERFLOWING with useless knowledge, thinking themselves effective and helpful.

    You can’t help souls that way, that is not how the Creator intended for any soul to help another. You are only leading others straight to evil with a beautiful face, thinking you are helping them ascend and enlighten. That’s the whole point! Evil lies and waits quietly, and converts individuals quietly, building its numbers. Then it rises, along with those who are now programmed to think the same. And at first it sens its foot soldiers to die for the head first. I.e. humans who have gone into all of the myriad of false teachings.

    Have you not noticed how evil splits itself into two paths, darkness and (false) light. And the philosophy of neutrality it then teaches to those who are tired of conflict, as an admirable pursuit, is itself a the way to disarm the truly powerful, that they may stand and watch helpless as the unified darkness and false light win. They have you right where they want you. Thinking you are effective, on the right side, and doing something good. But that could not be further from the truth.

    Now, perhaps, you can see how convoluted evil is. And that they force humans down into several layers of deception, so that you cannot get out of it. Thinking each time you are out of one layer, that you are finally free.

    But there is freedom. The first who will offer it to you are the Fallen. You must ignore their cheap offerings. For you have drunk fully from their cup, for years. As this article amply displays.
    There is freedom and there is only one name, under heaven given to mankind by which they may be saved.
    The job of evil is to erase that name out of your mind and make you believe it could not possibly be the answer.
    I see they have done very well with you.

    • You assume too much, without asking a single question of us in this whole writing, which shows egocentrism, self-deception, and haughtiness. Where is your intellectual humility? Do you think yourself omnipotent and so all-knowing that you can make such claims without digging deeper under the surface?

      “Intellectual Humility: Having a consciousness of the limits of one’s knowledge, including a sensitivity to circumstances in which one’s native egocentrism is likely to function self-deceptively; sensitivity to bias, prejudice and limitations of one’s viewpoint. Intellectual humility depends on recognizing that one should not claim more than one actually knows. It does not imply spinelessness or submissiveness. It implies the lack of intellectual pretentiousness, boastfulness, or conceit, combined with insight into the logical foundations, or lack of such foundations, of one’s beliefs.”