Healing The 1000 Year Pain Between Men & Women with Andrew Barnes

Andrew Barnes, another energy tantra type practitioner, speaks of how gender roles have been conditioned into humanity over the past 120 or so years. He speaks of masculine and feminine energies, as well as the shadow side within.  

I find it fascinating that he says that ejaculation is the male response to avoiding their feelings, and that a six month fast on ejaculation is necessary to reconnect a man to his emotions.  While I’m not advocating it, I do think that it is an interesting hypothesis.  We get around needing to do fasts because we’re always tapping on our feelings and striving for understanding of why we may go into an addiction cycle…avoidance isn’t something we typically advocate, we teach that people may go into an action just enough to understand why they are doing it, to then transform it.

Guilt and judgment are the dualistic opposites of awareness, meaning, that if you mash guilt and judgment back into One, you get the being and doing state of awareness.  With guilt being the food for addiction, and judgment causes the guilt, it is easy to see why addiction cycles can spiral out of control, and ignoring the judgment or guilt doesn’t help, only being aware of “why” can do that.  Maybe an ejaculation fast can raise awareness though, its just not the way that we chose to raise it.

Enjoy this 25 minute discussion!



From the YouTube Description:
In this video Steve speaks to Tantric master, Andrew Barnes about the current situation between men and women and what we both must do to overcome the difficulties between us. We also talk of the non-ejaculation path, the capacity for male pleasure and the potential for men and women to coexist in a peaceful world.

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