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Compassion is a “how” answer and awareness is a “why” answer, if you want to make the world a better place, giving more “how” answers is not going to solve any problems, it will just provide more of the same—and in some cases, entrench ourselves into deeper problems. “Why are we the way we are?” is a question that will bring in awareness, as it will create clarity and understanding about the beliefs and patterns that are nearer to the root causes of the problems.

If anything, humanity has an imbalance of “how” vs “why”, being stuck asking for “how” solutions that the prior “how” solutions created. “Why” elevates our “how” to a higher level of being, causing new possible acts of compassion that were not available in the lower level “how” solutions.  Let’s bring balance in 2014 by asking many, many more “why” questions, this will bring intimacy and connection to a world filled with separation.

Divine Love,
~Nathan & Aline



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