Happiness is a ‘State of Being’, not a ‘State of Doing’

man shouting at mad woman in the mirrorBehind the fallacy of changing what you are ‘doing’ to be happy is the limiting belief that you can ‘do’ something to be happy in the first place, as happiness is a state of ‘being’ and not a state of ‘doing’. Changing what you’re ‘doing’ is a temporary distraction until you figure out that you’re still just as unhappy after the change. Only Self-understanding and awareness can trigger a change in your ‘being’, and for that, you must ask why you think you are unhappy in the first place, and keep asking why until you understand each nook and cranny of your Self.

Changing an action is like changing the mirror, it is an attempt to see something different the next time you look into it, but changing the mirror will never change who you are, it will always show you more of the same. If however you change the ‘being’ that the mirror is reflecting, then you are able to see something new. ~Nathan & Aline

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