Good vs. Evil

“Evil exists. Anyone who tells you otherwise, is ignorant and hardly worth mentioning. The good exists, and he who denies the good is equal to the gardener who denies the finest fruits in his garden. Good and evil are the powers that should be overcome at the linear time level, because he who stands in the light is neither good nor evil; he is pure, clean, divine ALL-THAT-IS consciousness.” ~Babaji, channeled by Jahn J. Kassl

“Yes, good and evil are real, but God is beyond them both and is pure; good is not pure and holy, rather it is only the opposite of evil. Obedience to a moral law makes one good, while Teshuvah (neutralizing the good vs. evil charge with shadow work, the “return” to unity) makes one holy. Very few people understand the difference between purity and goodness, as many ‘light workers’, Christians, Jews, and other religious people are good, but they lack the purity and depth of consciousness to be holy.

To be immoral is to be evil, to be moral is to be good, and to be pure is to be holy like God–Oneness/Unity. It is time for those who are ready to embrace both the good and the evil within them; shining love, compassion, and understanding on all that they are. This will neutralize both good and evil inside of them, rising above to purify their being and doing, to experience holiness and unity with the One.”

~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer



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