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davidgoliathYes, you can change the world by changing yourself. When you watch things in the news or on YouTube that scare you, instead of ignoring them, positive thinking, or panicking, you can now choose to work through them. Find out how the macro events that are threatening your safety and freedom relate to your individual (micro) experience, and neutralize them; in this way, you take your power back and heal not only yourself, but your world. ~Nathan & Aline


Nothing gets the passionate juices flowing like being an activist for a cause, resisting an evil, perceived or real, of a Goliath by taking on the role of David the Giant Slayer.  All too often we allow ourselves to invest tremendous amounts of energy into a cause, first choosing a side, and then fighting for what is “right”.  There are many causes, some seem trivial and not a bother, some are a fad pumped by the media, many feel genuine, and others are real but thrown into the bin of difficult to prove “conspiracy theories”.  Playing politics and getting sucked into such games can be tremendous time wasters garnering little if any results; and even if you do get results, are they really that important in the cosmic scheme of things?  Aline and I have discovered a brilliant new way to experience activism, one that really changes things and creates lasting results—Be the change with EFT.

“Be the change with EFT” takes a tremendous amount of courage, not because you must face the daunting giant of a government, sect, multinational corporation, or secret organization, but because you must become one with the evil that you so desperately want to eradicate.

“To be spiritual is to have chosen the path of the light, to be a master is to have become one with both the darkness and the light.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

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