Freedom and Security Wounds

Wounded HeartThe masculine’s freedom wound is an attempt within duality for him to regain his sense of authority, which he once experienced as his truth as a unity being, while the feminine’s security wound is an attempt within duality to regain her creative ability that she once experienced as her truth as a unity being. For who needs freedom when the masculine, in his full authority, is able to set his intentions harmoniously with his feminine, who supports his every intention with love and nurturing being? And who needs security when every need is effortlessly created by the feminine, with her masculine supporting her every creation with his acts of service? In duality then, freedom and security are an either/or ideal, but in Unity neither even exists.

The irony is, every time the masculine makes a choice towards freedom, he proves to his feminine what a bad decision maker he actually is, pulling in consequences and situations that will cause her to feel pain. On the flip side of the coin, the feminine’s distrust of her masculine and pull for security will constrict his freedoms, essentially emasculating him and his quest for authority. Each is a villain to the other, and only compromise can bring a semblance of equality to a completely unsatisfying experience for both; which is simply sharing the burden of pain, not empowerment.

For the masculine to be truly happy within duality, his feminine must continually suffer, and for the feminine to be truly happy, her masculine must be completely emasculated. Both the masculine and feminine must see through the illusion of both freedom and security as mutually attainable concepts within duality, as one can only be attained at the expense of the other. In unity though, both freedom and security are just tiny aspects of more powerful truths. There must come a point in the process of Self-discovery where both extremes are fully seen for the hollow shell that they are; and released — making way for the masculine’s authority and the feminine’s creative ability.

To start, both the masculine and feminine must make a joint decision to let go together, for if they do not, the side that clings to their counterfeit will place their partner in immense pain, and the struggle will again continue. After making this joint decision, they must then follow this template for the masculine and feminine getting out together: The feminine must let go of her security and allow her masculine the freedom to make choices, which will invariably cause her much pain; he must then in turn use his freedom to learn and integrate the lessons his errant choices bring.

The typical reaction by the feminine to her pain is to blame her masculine and force him to stop doing what he is doing to her, however, this will cause them to stay stuck in their dualistic quagmire. Conversely, the typical reaction of the masculine is to ignore and marginalize her pain as her own, not seeing the link between his choices and her feelings; and this too will cause them to stay stuck within the confines of duality. She must allow him absolute freedom to make choices that will cause her pain, and he must not get lost in his freedom, lusts, and greed, so that he can fully see the folly of his misguided intentions.

It is in their unity that the masculine receives his full authority to set intentions without his feminine restricting him, and that the feminine can utilize her full creative ability without feeling the pain of insecurity. Both are complete, whole, and one, and neither compromises a single truth or aspiration to experience it.

~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

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