Externally or Internally Unified?

“Convincing people that “we’re all one” is done to make the masses easier to manipulate, and to herd them like sheep. However, our true power comes when we unify our fragmented and traumatized aspects of Self within, to become a whole person, intimate in relationship to Self. Such a unified being is unable to be herded or manipulated, and expresses their individual thought apart from the mass unconscious of the herd. Unconscious, enmeshed, and enslaved beings are externally unified, whereas conscious, individuated, and sovereign beings are unified within.” ~Nathan & Aline

Also, as our close friend Thomas Kutsomihas said, “they have taken a diffuse statement like ‘we are all one’ and led people to interpret it as ‘we are all one, and therefore we must all be the same’, when the true interpretation is that ‘we are all unique expressions of the same Source'”.

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