Entitled Children of God

Being is the GiftWe often act as an entitled child in relationship to God/Universe/Higher Power, thinking that we are owed many good things for our good deeds and acts of compassion. The thinking goes, I do good things for others, and they should do good things for me too; and I serve God, and “He” should reward me for that, right?

However, there is a limiting belief related to what exactly is a gift and what is not…for instance, many believe that doing good things for others is a gift for them, but the Universe has no such belief, it just “be’s” there for us, which is the true gift. We too can be present and be there for ourselves and others, but instead we’re all running around doing our good deeds, thinking that we’re so generous and thoughtful.

We project onto God our childhood experiences, so we think that God must do things for us like our parents did for us, but maybe all we need to do is stop rejecting the gift that is always present with us, which will cause our receptive actions to happen. Doing is receptive and is what happens when in the presence of the being; it is the effect of the being, whereas being is the cause that starts the whole process. There can be no right action, compassion, or loving deeds without the actual presence of a loving BEING BEING there in the first place; being is the cause and doing is the effect.

All this to say that we’re projecting onto God our beliefs about how He should operate, rather than understanding how He actually operates; and then allowing ourselves to plug into the preexisting flow that is always there. We’re trying to usurp God through our actions, instead of being like God–we’re stubborn little buggers, aren’t we?

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