Entangled vs. Individuated Awakening

many faces 2Friends, the notion that in enlightenment there is a hierarchy, and that you lose yourself into a giant blob of consciousness the more aware you become, is an ego trap created by those who severely lack awareness! How can a more aware being lose their personality in unity consciousness? If you are more aware, wouldn’t you be more unique, not more the same as everyone else? A hierarchy implies dominance, submission, and a pecking order, doesn’t this sound like a less aware trait?

More aware = a differentiated Self from the crowd
Less aware = enmeshed and tangled in the crowd

We guess we understand why an ego would want to identify as God awareness in this way, as it doesn’t have to be responsible for its actions, beliefs, and experiences in the same way that an individuated personality would be responsible.  In the hierarchical version of awakening, a person must give their power away to something perceived as greater than them, and also find somebody lower than them to receive power from, but in the individuated version of awakening, an individual is whole and does not need to worship, or be worshiped, they have more than enough energy within them to sustain their every creation.  The entangled version of awakening is to lose personal responsibility then, while the individuated version is to gain personal responsibility and sovereignty in every way.

Ego awakening is to become more entangled, which ironically, is to fall deeper asleep, while actual awakening is to be less entangled and more your TRUE Self; you lose your ego identity, and gain your individuated personality.

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