EFT Certification Courses

EFT Level 1 Practitioner Course:

Since our brand of EFT is founded in Self-discovery and integration of the shadow side within, we feel that changing the being is much more important than giving you action based exercises and techniques that merely change your doing. We feel that experiential understanding and Self-awareness are the most important aspect of an EFT practitioner, not your book knowledge and technical smarts, therefore we assist you in releasing the emotional, spiritual, and energetic blocks that are holding you back from a life of happiness, so that you can in turn take your clients to this same place of understanding and well-being. We feel that a teacher can only bring their students as far as they themselves have gone, therefore, we make sure to clear the specific energetic blocks that each student may have to experiencing this flow, to anchor in a lifestyle of awareness.  To us, you are your certification, not a piece of paper with our logo.

Hive Certification EFT Level 1

Where most practitioners, coaches, and teachers are goal oriented and attempt to teach skills that help their clients reach a destination or objective, we are process oriented instead; we seek to assist our clients into the constant state of ‘being’ in their process.  There is a giant gulf between ‘doing’ to reach an objective, and living and ‘being’ in a process oriented life; to us, Unity is not a destination, but the process of being present with everything — the good and the bad.  If you are drawn to a process driven lifestyle, then we can definitely assist you in this endeavor.

You Receive

  1. 7 Private EFT Sessions w/ Nathan & Aline
  2. EFT Level 1 – Mirrors & Feelings (online video class)
  3. Administrative tips and tricks for creating a successful practice (video class)
  4. An EFT Level 1 Certification from the Divine Pollination Hive
  5. A ‘Duality to Unity Feelings Wheel’
  6. You will be added to our TEAM PAGE, with a bio and links to your personal web pages, Facebook, etc.

The costs of this course is €475 ($650), payable upfront in full, or in two monthly payments of €237 ($325) each.

EFT Level 2 Practitioner Course:

In this course we detail how to work with sexual and other traumas with EFT meridian tapping, as well as how to assist clients who may experience a seizure in a session, but as always, our main focus is tap with you. Working with trauma in a client takes presence and awareness, it is not for the feint of heart, you as a practitioner must be fully ready to assist your traumatized clients through some of the most horrifying stories you will have ever heard of in your life. If you are too busy sympathizing and enmeshing with their pain, you will be unable to walk them through their trauma, therefore, a heavy dose of empathy and awareness is needed, which is what we will help you to achieve in our sessions together.

Hive Certification EFT Level 2

You Receive:

  1. 7 additional private EFT Sessions w/ Nathan & Aline
  2. EFT for Sexual and Other Traumas (online video course)
  3. An EFT Level 2 Certification from the Divine Pollination Hive
  4. You will be added to our TEAM PAGE, with a bio and links to your personal web pages, Facebook, etc.

The cost of this course is €475 ($650), (requires level 1), up front or in two monthly payments of €237 ($325) each.

Both courses together for €950 ($1300), payable upfront in full, in two monthly payments of €475 ($650), or in three monthly payments of €316 ($433).

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