Duality’s Big Lie

Adam, Eve and apple“Both the masculine and feminine each have two energetic poles, a positive and negative, and these have been severed internally from each other by pride and shame at the fall in the Garden of Eden. This internal split of the masculine makes him a hero when he gives his “doing” from his genital pole and a villain when he receives her “being” in his heart pole, while the internal split of the feminine makes her a victim when she gives her “being” from her heart pole and a seductress when she receives his “doing” in her genital pole. In each dualistic connection, there is always a masculine and feminine in relationship to the other, causing either a polarized connection in the heart or the genitals, but not both at the same time; this is why victims and villains get together when their hearts connect, and why hero’s and seductresses get together when their genitals connect.

The split of dualistic extremes, caused by the chasm of pride and shame in the false third chakra located in the solar plexus (our real third chakra is positioned just below the naval), causes us to be stuck in either a giving or receiving flow in each relationship, but not united in both a giving and receiving harmonious flow in the heart and genitals at the same time. In addition to clearing the pride and shame in the false third chakra, the masculine must embrace both his inner villain and hero, while the feminine must embrace both her inner victim and seductress, allowing them to unite again. When the false third chakra is cleared of all pride and shame, the feminine will flow from her genitals up into her heart, to the masculine’s heart, down to his genitals, and back into her genitals again, causing them to experience a unity consciousness relationship.

Instead of being the hero genitals saving the seductress from villains, the masculine will be serving his feminine with nurturing support, and instead of her being a seductress in her genitals, she will create his intentions. From her heart, she will give him respect, which he will receive in his, which grants him his authority to set pure intentions, and the cycle continues perpetually. In duality however, the masculine can effortlessly give respect but cannot easily nurture his feminine, while the feminine can easily nurture and support her masculine, but cannot effortlessly respect him; they both give to the other what they crave, but are unable to have it reciprocated in a meaningful way.

Here is THE deception of duality that keeps the masculine and feminine feeling isolated and separated from each other: the separation within the masculine between his villain and hero aspects, and within the feminine between her victim and seductress aspects, makes them project outward and blame the other for their lack of harmonious flow, not realizing that they are each the one who is internally split and disjointed. The hero masculine thinks that he must protect his feminine from his villain masculine, whom he creates as a person or circumstance outside of himself, while the feminine seductress must tempt the masculine away from her own victim feminine, whom she creates as a person or circumstance outside of herself. This means that the masculine competes with himself for his feminine, while the feminine competes with herself for her masculine. This is THE LIE, that the masculine must save his feminine from himself to feel powerful, and that the feminine must also seduce her masculine away from herself to feel powerful.

When we see the core lie fully for what it is, we discover that it is a fictional construct with no power over us what-so-ever; thus the truth is the only place where real power is found. With this realization, there are no more causes to promote, no more damsels in distress who need saving, no more bad guys to defeat, and no more immoral women seducing men away from their wives. Why would we need the illusion of saving our women from ourselves any longer? Why would we need to seduce our men away from ourselves any longer? Any power that is not founded in the absolute truth of who we are, in unity and wholeness with all-that-is, is actually just a powerless lie.”

~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer



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