Does joy come to you, or does joy come from you?

Meditating with healing energyDoes joy come to you, or does joy come from you? If it is the former, you are dependent on others for your joyful experiences, and they are also dependent upon you; you are an object that must compete for the affections and energy of others, against other objects. This mentality will often leave you feeling frustrated when you are unable to secure the joy that you feel you should have, causing you to exert even more energy to win the competition to be the best object.

However, if it is the latter, your joy is dependent on no-one, and others are not dependent upon you, for it springs up from within your being when you choose to experience it, and if you wish to share it with others, they will meet you from their own inner joy, and you will co-create together even more amazing experiences and manifestations. Instead of being a good object, or being frustrated with being a bad object, you will know your true value, as you will understand that joy is your birthright; your value comes from who you are, not what you can do.

~Nathan & Aline

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