Does God Really Help Those Who Help Themselves?

EvasionThe old saying “God helps those who help themselves” may be more true than previously realized, as the freewill of an individual cannot be imposed upon, especially by God. God cannot save you from yourself, She can only give you the necessary tools to dig yourself out of your own self-created prison(s), and then allow you do so. The boundaries of your prison(s) are your perceptions and patterns of relating, they shape your reality and confine you within it.

While God cannot impose her pattern of truth upon you, She can however insert Her understanding into your reality for you to view and learn from. This gives you the opportunity to change your perceptions and patterns to the new, better serving ones that She just modeled for you. God is not your helicopter parent that swooshes in to rescue you from yourself, nor is She the drill sergeant that commands your respect and obedience, She is your trusted adviser who models the patterns and tools necessary for you to transform your life.

It is your choice though; will you continue to wait for a last minute rescue? Do you need a bossy motivator to tell you how and when to do it? Or are you ready to own your reality and “help yourself” out of your self-imposed prison, utilizing God’s understanding as map markers to find your way back home?

~Nathan & Aline

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