Do All Paths Lead to God?

Road on the skyI’m sure you’ve heard the politically correct saying “all paths lead to God”, but do they really? Does a parasitical path of leaching, sucking, and draining others really lead to God and unity consciousness? Asking “why” to understand yourself out of your parasitic tendencies, while you are still stuck within the system, is the path towards reconnecting with God, but spiritualizing away the guilt and shame to continue in parasitical behavior isn’t pure, it’s taking you further away from Divine Union.

This is why we do not say that there are many paths to God, however, we agree that there are many different tools to utilize on THE path towards Divine Marriage with God. We each get to enjoy the multitude of unique Self-exploration tools available on the One path.

Does this make sense? If not, please ask “why” and we’ll gladly refine our understanding together.

~Nathan & Aline

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