Disclosure Will Happen When…

disclosureDisclosure between the government and the people will never fully happen until you are able to tell the truth to those you love. If you do not think that your loved ones can handle the responsibility the truth brings, and continue to remain over responsible for their feelings by keeping the truth of your feelings a secret, the government will keep reflecting this belief system back to you. Do you have skeletons in your closet that you don’t want to look at? If so, the government will have their skeletons too; they will continue to lie and be over responsible, believing that you are not able to handle the truth of full disclosure, because you do the same to those you love.

Do you want full disclosure? If so, start by searching for the truth of who you are within…disclose yourselves, to yourselves, so that it can reflect in your relationships with others and your government. ~Nathan & Aline



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