Debt Based Relationships

Polyamory is akin to creative financing with 3rd density love (based in approval, disapproval, and rejection) as the currency, it is taking out a loan to pay off an old debt, which gives the illusion of debt relief and extends the loan default to another day. Debt based economics, whatever the currency may be, is still based in overspending that which you do not have, it is playing within limited boundaries with limited resources, where there is always a need to rearrange the burden of responsibility from here to there; this is why there will always be creative relationships within duality’s confines.

Monogamy within these limited boundaries and resources is not much better, as the loan default period just comes sooner, with fewer people to share the debt load with. However, what if that is the upside and not the downside of monogamy? Why? For it also allows the couple to see the futility of living a life of romantic debt sooner, but only if they use the bankruptcy as an opportunity to seek to understand why they are in debt in the first place, instead of finding another actionable work-around for their debt.

Love within a unity relationship is abundant though, for there is no debt, as the partners are not confined to residing within limited boundaries, or forced to contend for limited resources, as unity adds the dimension of understanding (asking “why”). Asking “why” initially expands the limited boundaries of approval based love, until which time the couple is able to leave the confines altogether. Polyamory is evolution within the debt based system, whereas asking “why” to understand offers the opportunity to transform out of needing the system in the first place, to become conscious creators together – which is unity relating.

~Nathan & Aline



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