Dark Night of the Senses, or Dark Night of the Soul?

Healing The 1000 Year Pain Between Men & Women with Andrew BarnesThere is much confusion and misinformation about the “Dark Night of the Soul”, which is the fourth step out of five in the process of the Divine Marriage. Many people confuse step two, “Dark Night of the Senses”, with the “Dark Night of the Soul” though, where those who experience step two believe that they have “arrived” when they reach step three, which is the “illumination” phase. In step two’s Dark Night of the Senses, we lose our ability to sense our Source within, and thus we feel like we can no longer feel the Divine, where the warm fuzzy feeling we had of snuggling up to our Father or Mother God is lost.

However, in the Dark Night of the Soul, we experience the crushing loss of all of our illusory beliefs and ideas of how we thought life was, as the truth of who we actually are is shown to us in the mirror of life. The Dark Night of the Soul is our opportunity to fall in love and align with the truth, and to abandon the deceptions, illusions, and images that we thought were real.

Step five is the Divine Marriage, also known as the Divine Union, it is the pinnacle of merging matter and divinity, masculine and feminine — in unified consciousness.  It is the ultimate state of individuality and being, where the polarities co-create in union together, rather than opposing one another, as they do in dualistic states of consciousness.  This state of being is also known as Christ Consciousness, Unity Consciousness, Carl Jung’s Individuation, or the Sovereign Integral — it is the state of being whole and without internal separation.

If you think you have “arrived” and made it through your Dark Night of the Soul, but still can’t seem to walk on water, turn water into wine, bi-locate, create something from nothing, and experience life as a Divine Sovereign in a material body, you may just be leaving your Dark Night of the Senses, or better yet, beginning your personal Dark Night of the Soul.

~Nathan​ & Aline​

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