Let’s have a conversation about where you would like to go, who you would like to be, and the kind of relationships that you would like to have. This is not a consultation, sales call, or a session, but a friendly conversation to get to know each other. If we both decide that working together is desired, and that we are a compatible fit, we can discuss our options from there. We look forward to hearing from you! ~Nathan & Aline

OUR VISION is to empower our students to process their emotional upsets, so that they can understand why they are creating their life as they are.  We feel that it is necessary to turn one’s thinking inwards upon itself in self-reflection, in order to deepen their self-knowledge and understanding of themselves, which changes how they interact in all of their relationships. We especially focus on empowering people to argue in a conscious manner, where they are able to be accountable, and hold others accountable, for their poor behaviors. Charged conflicts can be a beneficial way to synthesize two opposing viewpoints, to transmute them into something completely new and fresh; where both parties walk away with a deeper understanding and self-knowledge, and a shift in their daily experience.

ABOUT OUR SERVICES: Our session and course packages are over Skype, and we utilize EFT (the Emotional Freedom Techniques) in many of our sessions, over a wide range of varying topics, where we work the Unity Process with you, to discover and alter your core limiting beliefs. While working with you, we deal with many of the issues that are holding you back and causing you pain, such as childhood trauma, sexual abuse, rape, emotional abuse, self-sabotage, relationship troubles (monogamous or polyamorous), finding your soulmate, connecting to the Divine, shadow work, and anima/animus work (the cooperation between the masculine and feminine within you). We are able to understand the messages communicated by your feelings, and discover the limiting thought patterns responsible for your current life experiences. Additionally, our courses establish many of the foundational principles needed to properly understand our process, and how to establish a pattern of going within to transform your life.

Where most practitioners, coaches, and teachers are goal oriented and attempt to teach skills that help their clients reach a destination or objective, we choose to instead be process oriented. If you are drawn to a process driven lifestyle, one in which you desire to live a life of integrity, courage, accountability, and personal responsibility, then we can definitely assist you in this endeavor.

Note: Packages can be booked with Nathan, Aline, or Nathan & Aline together, contact us below for pricing and availability.


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  1. Robin Alexandra says:

    A friend posted Donna’s tantric energy healing video on facebook which led me to your chakra blending video. My what a wonderful morning I am having as a result of opening my chakras to your presence. Thank you for the influx of love.
    I am in the Salt Lake valley and look forward to connecting more with you all at Divine Pollination.
    Bless, Robin

  2. Ali says:

    how we can learn from you this art ? i want to learn it

  3. "Lucia" says:

    I just found your site yesterday, and last night, I was able to forgive not only my rapist (the attack occurred when I was 16) but I forgave mySELF too for allowing him to enter a sacred space he never deserved to be let near to. It feels like a mountain has been lifted off me. I’m 37 yrs old and I’ve never been able to come close to this act of forgiveness before and I’ve only seen 3 of your videos and read one page on your site. You, along with the help of my angelic Team “up There” are guiding me down an amazing path.

    THANK YOU from the depths of my Soul. You are an angel inhabiting human form. I’ll be continuing my journey thru your guidance and I hope to offer others what I’m learning thru my walk these last 3 intense years of Truth.

    All the Love and Light in the world to you, dear One.

  4. Dominique (Netherlands) says:

    Hi Nathan,
    I think you do a great job!
    You wrote somewhere that for the moment you are in Belgium.
    I am very interested in a session (one or more), is that possible?
    My wife and I did some tantra, but I still feel there must be some more.
    Thank you for replying, Dominique

  5. Tim says:

    Thank you for your wonderful site.
    I wonder can you give me any advice. I recently experienced an exquisitely beautiful merging and flow of energy with a close friend of mine over the course of 15 mins late one eve. I initiated this by thinking of her very lovingly and opening my heart to her during my mediation. We live apart– I’m pretty sure she would have felt this– it felt very real and very playful and “push and pull” between us– not at all “in my head” but would she have known it was me? We are not partners — I hate the idea that she may have thought she was with someone else in this and can’t really say “er.. did we.. er.. you know.. the other night..??” we are both in relationships. I don’t know how to ask her / talk to her about it. Would really appreciate any advice.

  6. j’aimerais savoir la technique pour donner de la jouissance à ma femme ,je vois que c’est aussi fort que l’hypnose pour faire jouir une femme

  7. Wendy says:

    Love your site! I am a myofacial therapist and find your information professionally and personally engaging. I am working on feeling my emotions before responding. I love the emotions wheel and would like link to print it. Could you also send the link to buy your efforts/wheel course? Thank you! Wendy
    Where are based?

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