Children Playing House

Two young girls play outdoorsThe divine union/marriage is the creation and the creator relating as One, but right now, creation is trying to merge with the parasite and other creations, not with God. The perfect balance of all things is God AND the Creation as the One… the universe is NOT completely in balance right now, at least not on Earth. God is not above Creation, that is competitive and again a part of THE LIE, God and Creation are meant to be One. Think of this, a bunch of mirrors get together and decide that they want to be the source of the reflection, rather than the material surface reflecting…this is creation trying to merge with itself…two mirrors competing with each other to be the source of the reflection.

Creation is the mirror, God is the SOURCE that gets to see itself when he/she looks at itself in the mirror. The mirror is absolutely needed, valuable, and special, when it knows its unique function as the mirror, but right now, the mirror competes with other mirrors and plays the source, like a child playing house. So many times, when people call each other “gods” or “goddesses”, it is because they are confused and in competition with the Source, to be the Source, rather than merging with to experience the Divine Union with Source. They are playing house, pretending to be gods and goddesses, while blowing flattery up each other’s asses, rather than opening themselves up to the Divine Marriage with God; God and Creation permeating each other’s joint fabric as the One.

~Nathan & Aline

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