Cheat Proof Your Relationship

Questions & AnswersThe way to “cheat proof” your relationship is through asking the right questions, which pulls the answers your way. For the masculine to feel safe, his heart must ask as many “why” questions as he can, which will keep his feminine heart answering his questions, instead of the “why” questions of other men. For the feminine to feel safe, she must open up her root pole and ask as many “how’ questions as she can, which will keep her masculine directing his “how” answers towards her. If either stops asking questions, the answer pole of the opposite energy will naturally pull to those who are asking the questions that they have the answers to; this is cheating.

The question pole (-) has the responsibility to ask questions, to keep the answer pole (+) flowing into them and not into others. This pattern is within each person, and is reflected in external gender relationships. If the answers that you receive are not satisfying you, continually hone them by asking more “why” and “how” questions in concert, until each is at a high enough level for the life you wish to live. If you are not completely powerful, peaceful, and joyful, experiencing absolute freedom and safety, then continue to hone your questions.

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