Three Bridges to Unity Consciousness

Humankind has been living in separation for a very long time, and in the midst of this game of fragmentation playing out we have forgotten who we are. We have been searching for ourselves in others and things and it has been very enriching for our souls, but it is now coming to a close. In this separation it has been impossible for us to come close to experiencing the powerful beings that we truly are; we are ready to move beyond separation and into unity consciousness. The way to make this transition is through forming bridges.

This technique helps us to find the thoughts and limiting beliefs that are not our own that we have adopted from our parents, teachers, and society. If not addressed, these beliefs create limitations in how we can express ourselves in this life, and they block the connection between our mind and our heart/intuition and cause our feelings of separation. It makes it impossible to anchor who we, as unique beings, truly are. Within a session, these beliefs can come to the surface through our emotions so that we can let them go and transform more into our true selves. EFT is a quick and effective way to bring more unity within ourselves by forming a bridge between the mind and the heart so that they can start working together without limitation.

We are all ONE… At least, that`s what the spiritual teachers say. But how can we experience this `theory` in everyday life? Divine Pollination is a powerful technique to remove the illusion of separateness between two or more people. Within this form of communication, you can experience unity in which you can share love, wisdom, and talents. It brings a cosmic awareness and attention to what unity between people really feels like, and what it is means to share from that unity without manipulation, fear, or restriction.

Divine Pollination is a way of communicating from the heart that is safe, intimate, and loving. We open our hearts and receive the answers to our deepest questions, seeking to understand not only each other, but also the darkness and the Divine that flows through us. We get to know and experience our heart essence, our higher selves, communicating from a space of unconditional love and authenticity; dishonesty is not welcome in such connection. We do not impose our heart upon anyone, but from the space of open hearted transparency, we give each other full permission to open our hearts and connect in order to ask our questions and receive their answers.

To the degree that we choose to open up to understanding, is the degree in which we can give and receive the leaps in consciousness that we have experienced, much like a tuning fork that causes other tuning forks to resonate with the frequency it transmits. This is a synergistic cross-pollination that will cause us to bloom like flowers. As we learn to communicate in this manner, we will feel safe enough to open our hearts to others, to understand the truth of who they really are, not who our triggers or fears think they are. We are evolving past unconscious patterns and into conscious, heart centered communication…Divine Pollination!

We all have angels, guides, and a higher-self, but most of us don`t experience this connection in daily life because of the veil of separation. This session gives you an opportunity to reconnect to the higher energy of the Angels and your own higher self, which is a vibration that is above the human collective. It is the vibration of who you are, where your higher-self resides, your angelic self. From this vibration you are able to connect to your multidimensional self and loved ones in this and any other dimension they are currently in. A reconnection to this vibration helps to allow more divine love and light into your experience, and to find answers for questions that cannot be found within the earthly collective. Above all, it gives you more understanding in your everyday life, and a sense of continual divine support that cannot be felt in separation.

By making these three bridges available we can provide a complete bridge between separation(duality) and unity. The fragmentation that humankind has been living in is a cage that has become too small. With these bridges we can open the cage and grow into our full potential.

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